ChainUp is a globally recognized and leading blockchain technology service provider. Among other services, ChainUP provides white label cryptocurrency exchange software. The team behind the service boasts that the most important aspect of empowerment “is to give each other the ability to concentrate on the most critical decision points.”

In the recent past, the birth of cryptocurrency exchanges has been high to cater to the growing number of crypto traders. Unfortunately, there has been a challenge matching the level of available funds on the exchanges with the level of activity. This phenomenon is commonly called liquidity.

Liquidity battles lead to robotic solutions

However, from simple liquidity battles, exchanges have turned to other aspects such as market software, awareness, technical services, market making, etc. Consequently, expanding the liquidity battle necessitated the intervention of professionals such as ChainUP.

According to Jinse, a news outlet:

“By aggregating the upstream head exchange and the liquidity of the downstream eco-exchange, [ChainUP] has explored a top-level liquidity. The path of the pool is expected to become a real industry disruptor. In the current market situation, when the exchange maintains the mainstream currency pair and the new currency pair, it will basically encounter the situation of insufficient liquidity and poor depth.”

Therefore, to respond to the shortcoming, exchanges end up using robots. However, these robots basically copy the K-line chart plus the depth of purchase on other crypto platforms. Unfortunately, instead of comprehensively addressing the shortcoming, exchanges’ robots introduce a higher risk. For instance, when strategy-focused traders use an exchange under robot-control, they are bound to make losses.

Bitwind liquidity system

Fortunately, ChainUP has a comprehensive solution. The blockchain service provider introduced the Bitwind liquidity system solution. However, the solution is “mainly for B-end users, including but not limited to, 0 basic start exchange startup teams, development-capable exchanges, wall sellers, brokers, institutional traders, etc.”

An important point to note is that ChainUP’s blockchain technology services are easy to use, efficient, and more thorough compared to other similar services in the market. Additionally, its customer base spreads across Europe, the Middle East, America, and Southeast Asia. Currently, its global customer base stands at 200 crypto exchanges and over fifty crypto wallet providers.


“Subverting the traditional exchange model, the ChainUP liquidity platform is mainly composed of aggregators and aggregated exchanges, which are hedged by zero transaction costs, aggregated and docked multiple exchanges on one platform, and realized, coin aggregation and deep aggregation. It’s worth mentioning that ChainUP also has dedicated network deployment quotation aggregator, with the fastest quotation and ultra-low order delay one-second price, one-click trading, low-buy, and high selling.”

ChainUP is an all-around solution, including security

In addition, ChainUP is able to cut through the heavy IT infrastructure required to provide security. The blockchain technology service provider provides protection in terms of user login, code audit, transaction behavior, among other aspects.

Apart from providing services to exchanges, ChainUP through HiCoin, provides wallet services. While ChainUP can be considered to be a technical service provider, HiCoin can be considered to an ecological construction service provider. The wallet service features asset hosting solution, full-features wallet solution, and integrated payment solution. Additionally, the wallet service contains, message notification, operational activities, currency management, among other functional modules.