Cardano’s official commercial EMURGO has announced a partnership with Kenji Tamura’s “BBQ Restaurant Tamura” to add ADA payments. This move is certainly in line with Emurgo’s mission to have worldwide adoption of Cardano improving fortunes for ADA investors. This is because the partnership is with a successful restaurant franchise and provides users with more real-life ADA options.

Ken Kodama, Emurgo CEO talked of what Emurgo intends to achieve in the partnership:

“I think the current issue facing cryptocurrency and blockchain today is the lack of actual use cases and utility of cryptocurrency assets in the real world. I’m glad that a prominent entertainer and businessman like Mr. Tamura recognizes the unique potential of Cardano ADA and the value it holds. In implementing the system to his restaurant business, not only is this a major contribution to the Cardano ecosystem, but it is also a great development for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry as a whole documenting a real use case.”

For Tamura, he sees the potential in blockchain payments to a more transparent and efficient payments system. Japan, in particular, is an exciting place for cryptocurrency with unparalleled innovation. He sees this as an opportunity to raise awareness of such blockchain platforms. Accordingly, this is a win-win for both his restaurant and Cardano. This is because both systems are pursuing efficient technological applications of the cryptocurrency. Cardano gets marketing and user options while Tamura opens up a new customer base.

Accordingly, Emurgo has lined an exclusive launch event that will take place on June 22nd 2019 at BBQ Restaurant Tamura’s Main Branch in Gamo, Osaka. This event will not be open to the general public except for ten lucky people who will a lottery selection.

Emurgo Campaign

Additionally, Emurgo is holding a Twitter campaign to choose 26 special winners for select prizes. These winners will have to promote Cardano on Twitter through retweets.

Emurgo certainly intends to drive up Cardano adoption. This will obviously add value to ADA holders as investment and such partnerships boost use cases. Moreover, Emurgo can give expert advice to projects or organizations that adopt Cardano’s decentralized blockchain ecosystem. This company has unique expertise in blockchain R&D. Besides, being in the industry this long, the project has other industry partners and ventures worldwide. Emurgo has registration in Tokyo since 2017 and Singapore since last year. As such, the company can do a stellar job in growing the Cardano ecosystem and promote blockchain adoption globally.

The Necessity for Such Partnerships

Cryptocurrency obviously needs to be relevant to the day to day lives of people in a society. This is because it can’t remain an abstract concept and grow at the same time. A noted Japanese crypto influencer Shishin aptly captures these sentiments:

“No matter how great something is, as long as society doesn’t accept it, it’s only an idea and nothing more. What’s needed is actual steps to implement revolutionary ideas. But the fact that this time, Mr. Tamura (a popular personality in Japan), will be implementing ADA payment at his BBQ Restaurant demonstrates the true value and demand for Cardano ADA. I think this alone is a huge development from a cryptocurrency perspective and is a big step forward for the blockchain industry.”

This is an excellent pick up for Cardano. There is nothing more useful to crypto than actual uses in real life. This will ultimately make cryptocurrency actual currency rather than mostly a speculative commodity. That is, all factors considered the most important function.