There are several ways of accepting bitcoin as a form of payment for your business. The options include making use of a third party or paying directly without any third party. Both offline and online businesses can accept bitcoin as payment.

Third Party Option

You can make use of a bitcoin payment processor service to make the payment easy, this middleman service will take care of everything for you so you do not have to worry about being an expert. These third-party companies give the option of depositing the money in the currency you prefer as soon as payment is made thus reducing exchange rate risks. These companies, however, require the payment of a fee for these services.

Paying Directly

If you choose to process the payments on your own by foregoing the use of a middleman, you won’t need to have a bank account or pay any service fee. You need to have basic knowledge of how Bitcoin works and how it relates to business. You also have to take note of the fluctuating price and exchange rate of Bitcoin. There are a lot of advantages of directly dealing with your customers using the apps on mobile phones despite the fact that technical problems are likely to occur.

You have to consider the country you live in before you adopt the use of Bitcoin in your business as tax compliance issues are a big deal. No one will know your business accepts bitcoin as a form of payment if you do not advertise it. You can make use of online and offline advertising campaigns as well as include your business to bitcoin adopted business lists to do this.