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What is Infinity Force?

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infinity force

Infinity Force is a guild management platform built to help blockchain game players establish their own guild through a P2E management infrastructure. 

The rapid rise of play-to-earn (P2E) games is hard to ignore, as more players around the world are smitten by their earning opportunities. But even with increasing numbers of blockchain games enthusiasts, their opportunities are still hampered by the lack of solid assistance that can help them leverage P2E games even better. 

What they need is a platform that can seamlessly connect them and handle all the technicalities involved in playing blockchain games and managing teams, so they can focus more on their core tasks and attain more success. 


Infinity Force was created to be a solid bridge and platform for P2E enthusiasts and help them unlock the maximum potential of blockchain games.  

The high demand for these new types of games is already in existence, and Infinity Force believes that the last missing piece to bring everything to the next level is an advanced and reliable platform that can meet players’, investors’, and managers’ needs. 

What is Infinity Force? 

Infinity Force is a guild management platform built to help blockchain game players establish their own guild through a P2E management infrastructure. 

Through its system, enthusiasts can create their guilds and earn higher revenue without starting from scratch and going through a long and costly learning curve. 

Infinity Force currently receives more than 150 applicants per day, which the platform expects to significantly jump once it integrates new features in its system. 

Its primary services include guild creation, training and development, player recruitment and onboarding, data analytics, performance management automation, and payments processing. 

The platform currently supports Axie Infinity, arguably the most popular play-to-earn game today, and is planning to add more titles this year to support more blockchain gamers. Infinity Force is set to roll out its full functionality and accessibility in the first quarter of 2022. 

How Does Infinity Force Work? 

The platform’s bots conduct interviews on new applicants and transmit all its collected data to the Infinity Force’s customer relationship management or CRM to reserve applicants an account.  

Accepted applicants will then undergo internal training and the platform will curate teams based on specific qualifications. 

Once all these processes are done, Guild Managers will then configure payment matters which will determine the revenue allocation between them and their players. 

After that, gamers can finally play, and managers can start monitoring their players through the platform’s real-time and round-the-clock notifications. 

Infinity Force will be the one to distribute payments to both managers and players through its automated system. 

Infinity Force Solutions 

Real-Time Monitoring 

The Infinity Force platform provides Managers a seamless way of monitoring their players’ progress and other relevant analytics through real-time push notifications, which can be accessed through mobile or desktop devices. 

Facilitates Player-Manager Collaboration 

Infinity Force is a platform specifically made to facilitate collaborations between players and managers and eliminate technical aspects and long processes that they might go through. 

It provides managers a ready global database of players to help them build an ideal guild, which gives gamers greater exposure to managers at the same time. 

Complete Training Resources 

The platform has left no aspect untouched; besides providing a ready system and database, it also provides training resources to hone guild builders better. Its resources include game strategy workshops, off-game personalized training, mentors, and training videos. 

Automated Payments 

The platform’s system also provides an automated payment service for Managers and Players and can be customized for incentive payments and performance-based rewards. 

Scholar Program 

Infinity Force’s Scholar Program was created for players searching for new or additional income streams on play-to-earn games but cannot afford to purchase non-fungible token (NFT) assets needed to play a game. 

Through this program, a guild manager can sponsor a player and purchase an NFT character for him, which the gamer will then use to earn revenues for him and the manager. 

Players who want to be part of Infinity Force’s scholarship program must submit their application on the platform’s official discord account. Applications will go through the Community Manager’s evaluation to determine which applicants fit the program. 


Services that cater to actual necessities always trump, and Infinity Force is well aware of this fact as it has established a platform that provides much-needed solutions to the growing demands of blockchain game enthusiasts. 

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