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What is Dappio Wonderland? (DAP)

Dappio Wonderland
Dappio Wonderland

Dappio Wonderland is a Solana-based yield aggregation platform for DeFi and GameFi.

Through decentralized finance (DeFi) services, the traditional large institutions that stand between people and their finances have been utmostly challenged, giving the masses the option to have complete control over their wealth. But the emergence of various DeFi services, while truly welcome, has given birth to a new problem: they are generally complicated. 

With this, one platform was built to deal with this major roadblock by providing easy-to-use DeFi services to better help more people tap the true power of blockchain technology. 


Dappio Wonderland was created to provide modern solutions for age-old problems and make these solutions easy to use for the masses. 

The team behind the platform knows that user-friendliness is what would unleash an advanced tech’s true power and potential, and this philosophy can be clearly seen with Dappio’s host of DeFi tools and services. 

What is Dappio Wonderland? 

Dappio Wonderland is a Solana-based yield aggregation platform for DeFi and GameFi, which are today’s top blockchain-based services. 

The platform was built to aggregate all of the yields in Solana, which includes lending, borrowing, staking, and farming. 

And through its advanced system, it can help users seamlessly compare APY and interest rates on all major projects in Solana so investors can pre-screen various projects before participating. 

Top Features of Dappio Wonderland 

Enter Through a Wallet 

Anyone can become an official part of the Dappio Wonderland by using either a Solflare, Phantom, Coin98, or Sollet wallet, which are the supported Solana wallets of the platform.


The platform’s Dashboard allows users to seamlessly view and manage all their transactions, including management of staking pools, farms, strategy, and enables them to monitor APY and volumes on the Solana blockchain. 

Lending and Borrowing 

One of the top perks that Dappio users can have is gaining direct access to top lending protocols on Solana and selecting the highest lending APY protocols. 

This perk provides them with an additional stream of funds and gives them an “unfair advantage” in funding their ventures, projects, or simply expanding their digital assets. 

DAP Token

DAP is the native utility token of Dappio Wonderland and will serve as the fuel that powers the platform. While not much info has been released, the roadmap indicates that it will offer holders incentives as well staking features. The IDO is slated to launch in Q1 of 2022, but this could change.


By staking on a liquidity provider token, or the LP token, users have the opportunity to earn token rewards and gain high yields, allowing them to earn more in the platform. 


The Dappio Wonderland aggregates the top decentralized exchanges or DEXs on Solana, giving users instant information about various exchange rates from different centralized and decentralized exchanges. 

Users don’t have to go outside Dappio just to search for crucial information as they can easily find them within the platform. 

TVL Ranking / On-Chain Data

To further clarify the market status of DeFi protocols, the platform can assist through its real-time TVL ranking and on-chain data. 

Strategy Hub 

Dappio also aggregates various DeFi platforms and strategies on Solana to provide users with the easiest and most accurate way of spotting the yields that can benefit them the best. 

Through Dappio’s “Strategy Hub,” users can seamlessly select the best strategy vaults on Solana Ecosystem, and its system is designed to ensure that even with market volatility, users have a high chance of gaining high yields. 


Leveraging in crypto trading allows users to increase the potential return of their investments through borrowed tokens, and they can tap this opportunity inside the Dappio platform. 

Easy Entry 

To spread the opportunities provided by crypto transactions, Dappio has designed products that provide an easy entry for users and help them with capital efficiency at the same time. 

Providing them an easy entry doesn’t mean that the platform compromises security as it delicately balances everything to provide new earning opportunities for everyone while ensuring that the integrity of the platform remains intact. 

Universal Rabbit Hole (SDK) 

The Universal Rabbit Hole is the platform’s software development kit and serves as the middleware that aggregates the best DeFi protocols into a single upgradeable program layer and will soon be available for individuals, developers, and even protocols. 

This convenience provides developers an opportunity to tap the maximum potential of Solana’s DeFi capabilities. 


Q4 2021 DEX and Farm Support 
DappieGang NFT Drop 
Lending Services 
Q1 2022IDO 
Additional Protocol Integration 
DAP Utility/ DAP Token Incentive 
Public Beta V1/ Auditing 
Q4 2022Universal Rabbit Hole 
GameFi Development 
DappieGang Development 

Dappie Gang NFT 

Dappie Gang is a collection of 6,666 rabbit GameFi NFTs with DeFi utilities, making them more valuable, and NFT owners can access the Solana Wonderland through these virtual rabbits. 

The NFT collection was derived from 286 possible traits of artistically drawn headwear, facial expression, tattoo, clothing, and other elements of the rabbit. 

While each rabbit is certainly eye candy, there are ones that stand out because of their rare traits, making them more expensive but also highly profitable for buyers. 

The benefits that NFT owners will gain from each Dappie rabbit will increase over time, making each rabbit a worthwhile investment for virtual asset buyers. 

Here are some of the initial benefits that Dappie owners can acquire: 

  • Participation in a special campaign 
  • Governor will have the opportunity to decide the path of the GameFi roadmap 

Dappio Private Beta Bug Bounty Program 

The platform’s Private Beta Bug Bounty Program, which runs from December 28 to January 11, encourages participants to find bugs on Dappio’s system, which can help the platform become a more secure virtual space for everyone. 

Since the entire platform is still in its testing phase, this program provides immense help for the team to fine-tune Dappio’s user flow and user experience. 

Participants will be given a chance to explore and find existing bugs in areas such as Dashboard, TVL Ranking, Farm, Lend, and Swap.

Three participants who can provide the most detailed and well-defined review to the Dappio team will each receive $100. Interested ‘bug hunters’ can join by filling up this form


True to its commitment to provide a better DeFi service, the team behind Dappio has recently achieved several yet significant milestones that would serve as a firm foundation for the entire platform. 

Dappio has successfully released its Private Beta Testnet, has completed its DEX and Farm, Dashboard, TVL Ranking, Whitelist Registration Debug, and Zap-In Function Debug. 

On top of these achievements, the Dappio team has also struck partnerships on various protocols such as Katana, Jupiter, Tulip, Larix, Coin98, Solend, Saber, Francium, and more to follow in the future. 


Dappio Wonderland knows that one of the missing pieces for DeFi’s optimum success is not just another layer of advanced tech but a certain element that has brought countless products into success: User-friendliness. 

By creating easy-to-use DeFi services and a convenient blockchain platform, Dappio has set a new gold standard that future DeFi platforms would surely follow. 

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