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What is Web3Games? (W3G)


Web3Games is a blockchain gaming ecosystem that aims to bring decentralization and permissionless capabilities to more players worldwide. 

Traditional games, without a doubt, have their strengths, especially in the aspect of gameplay, which is why many titles under this category have converted countless gamers into loyalists. But two major problems that remain unsolved in these games are the lack of actual ownership, and overly centralized servers, which significantly limits the experiences and benefits that gamers deserve to have. 


Web3Games intends to deal with these roadblocks by providing players with a more immersive gaming experience and increased earning opportunities. 

These goals are certainly a moonshot but not impossible as its team is composed of professionals with solid backgrounds in software development, product designing, full-stack software engineering, tech lead, smart contract writing, and digital banking. 

What is Web3Games? 

Web3Games is a blockchain gaming ecosystem that aims to bring decentralization and permissionless capabilities to more players worldwide. 

Its ecosystem comprises four significant parts, which are called Studio, Portal, Chain, and Protocol, each with specific capabilities and offering to bring seamless gaming for players. 

Its Studio’s main task is to collaborate with various game developers to create streams of immersive blockchain games. 

Portal, meanwhile, is the place where games are distributed, where players can gain access to these games, and where gamers can participate in token or NFT sales. 

How Web3Games Work

Before gamers can play these games, they first need to create a Player ID, and this would serve as their “key” to log in to different blockchain games. 

Once Player IDs grow in significant numbers, more developers would be attracted to collaborate with Web3Games and integrate with its protocol. 

Web3Games also provides services for gaming companies such as blockchain integration, token economy, token sales, NFT sales, and market strategy. 

Each of the four major parts of the Web3Games and the Player ID will be discussed in greater detail later in the article. 

W3G Token 

W3G Token is the platform’s native token and serves as the ‘backbone’ of the entire Web3Games ecosystem as its crucial utilities drive the gamers’ experience, improve the platform, and bring benefits to all shareholders. 

The token, which has a 1 billion supply, can be used by players to stake on games created by Web3Games Studio, which would enable them to earn tokens and NFTs. 

Also, gamers are not the only ones who need to use W3G, but developers as well, as they need this token to integrate with the platform’s protocol. 

For those who want to participate in the Initial Game Offering and Initial Node Offering, platform users are required to stake W3G to participate in the lottery. On top of these utilities, Web3Games will soon allow token holders to govern the platform’s Community Treasury.

Player ID

Player ID serves as the player’s gaming profile in the Web3Game’s platform and is connected with their email, social media accounts, and wallets in various chain networks. 

What’s excellent about Player ID is that gamers can log in using their email and don’t have to import their private keys on different devices, giving them an added convenience. 

It offers a straightforward way for users to access their virtual assets, and since the Player ID is decentralized, gamers are well protected from hacking incidents. 

Web3Game’s Core Products 


Portal is an NFT Marketplace, token swap, gaming portal, and multi-chain launchpad rolled into one. In this place, developers can launch their projects and even host initial sales of virtual assets, whether they are using Ethereum, Solana, or other chains. 


Protocol is an API-as-a-service protocol and is specifically built to help gaming companies seamlessly integrate into blockchain without starting from scratch. 

In this place, game developers are given the freedom to access and distribute the blockchain assets that are most beneficial for them. 


Studios is the platform where promising blockchain games are brainstormed and developed to meet the growing demands and changing preferences of gamers, especially the blockchain natives. 

It comprises developers who have worked on some of the world’s most successful games, such as Call of Duty and Diablo, and are now pouring their talents to create next-gen play-to-earn games. 

Game developers are welcome to join on Web3Game’s Studios and be part of a diversified team that aims to create competitive blockchain games that can potentially change the gaming industry. 


Web3Games Chain is a Substrate-based blockchain which means that the platform can execute low transaction fees for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and game transactions. 

It is also an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which allows developers to create and even migrate their codes conveniently inside the platform’s chain.

Upcoming Games 

CryptoEmpire: Origins 

Scheduled release: April 2022 

CryptoEmpire: Origins is a multiplayer strategy chain game that involves collecting various heroes from different continents to beat powerful enemies. Its gameplay combines idle games and clickers and features American-style cartoon graphics, which can surely resonate with gamers worldwide. 

W3Poker: Web3 Texas Hold’em 

Scheduled release: April 2022

W3Poker features tournaments and casual games which cater to all types of poker players, and aside from playing, gamers can also socialize with other poker enthusiasts. The game allows a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 10 players to kickstart a poker game. 

Guardians of Arcanum 

Scheduled release: September 2022

Guardians of Arcanum is a tactic and strategy game designed for all ages and requires players to protect their home tower and the Seed of Arcanum. Gamers are given the choice to select various characters and assemble their team to ward off and defeat their enemies. 


Scheduled release: September 2022 

W3Mahjong is based on a Japanese Mahjong game, and since it’s a blockchain game, it allows players to select an NFT avatar that would represent them in the virtual mahjong table. 

CH1P NFT Tokens 

Community CH1P is a special NFT token that serves as Web3Game’s token of appreciation for community members participating in various events inside its ecosystem. 

Web3Game’s first CH1P giveaway, held a few months ago, was called ‘Community Hack Program & Guess The NFT Event ー Answers & Membership List’. 

It was followed by the Xmas_CH1P giveaway, which provided a chance for members who had missed the opportunity to participate or win on its first giveaway. 

This event was even more special as the 2021 Christmas CH1P was created as a rare NFT token, thus, giving winners “bigger” bragging rights and a more valuable asset under their belt. 

Community members who have missed these two significant events still have a chance to get CH1P NFT tokens on the following special events and festivals inside Web3Game’s platform. 

Free Pass on Initial Dex Offering 

There will be a long list of big blockchain games that will launch their Initial Game Offerings or IGO on Web3Games, and these upcoming events will be very beneficial for community members if they have various types of CH1P tokens in their assets. 

The more types of CH1P tokens they have, the bigger their chances of participating in the Public Sales of the upcoming games. 


Helping players unlock the opportunities of play-to-earn games and assisting developers to migrate to blockchain gaming is a much-needed service in the gaming industry, and Web3Games has positioned itself well to accommodate these rising demands. 

With its highly-capable team, advanced technology, and intelligent solutions, it can serve both players’ and game developers’ needs, a capability that would separate it from other firms in the same category. 

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