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Astro Baby Club Launches NFT Mint

Astro Baby Club
Astro Baby Club

After months of pouring dedication and heart into the project, the Astro Baby Club (ABC) team officially launched its NFTs through a private and public sale. All Astro Babies will not be awakened until minting ends, keeping the community excited about the combinations they could get from more than 200 possible traits.

As of this writing, Astro Baby Club hasn’t minted out all of 8,888 of its NFTs yet, which are priced at 0.035 ETH each. Lucky are those who minted as they have the chance to get the eight beautiful and special one-of-one NFTs in the Astro Baby Club collection. However, this is not the only thing to look forward to in the project.  

Astro Baby Club’s Mint Details

The project team carefully planned the NFT launching details of Astro Baby Club, starting from its mint date to its price. Many people may worry about the current market condition, but ABC is not shaken by it even for a bit. It was driven to provide value in the long-term run, and minting had only just begun.

ABC’s presale started on the 22nd of July with a 12-hour duration and two mints per wallet. Whitelist spots were able to mint at 0.025 ETH. A public sale immediately followed on the same day at 11:00 PM PST, which will last until sold out. Everyone gets two mints per transaction.

Half of the mint funds and secondary sales will be allocated to ABC Treasury to cover the needed costs for a sustainable and growing expansion.

About ABC’s Roadmap

Astro Baby Club is set to explore the Ethereum galaxy while reaching different milestones in its first liftoff. The project team created Roadmap 1.0 with specific plans to perform, following its philosophy about delivering value to the community: underpromising and over-deliver.

One of the missions of Astro Baby Club is to spread love and bring positivity to others’ lives. To achieve this, the project team is donating 5% of royalties to charities that help children. The community has the power to choose charities that will receive donations.

Aside from charities, every ABC NFT holder will get exclusive benefits as long as the project runs. It includes access to member benefits, events, and other additional surprises to be announced. The team also emphasizes the importance of intellectual property rights, ensuring the community that all ABC NFTs will only be used by their owners. ABC currently works with the top IP lawyers to make this happen.

The team also has plans prepared for the community, which include IRL and Metaverse events. It firmly believes that ABC holders deserve some time to get together and have some fun. There are already ideas in mind; the only thing the community should do is wait and enjoy the overall journey.

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