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Made in Japan 3.0 Pop-Up Event Blends Physical and Digital Reality to Create Ground-Breaking New Experiences

made in japan
made in japan

Made in Japan 3.0 Pop-Up is one of 2022’s most exciting events which showcases Japan’s growing blockchain capabilities. 

The event takes place on GO1, G/F K11 Art Mall (Hong Kong) from April 23 to May 15, 2022. Gates will be open from 12:00 PM – 8:00 PM 

The event, which is now happening at the K11 Art Mall, Hong Kong, focuses on Japan’s current projects in linking the virtual and real-world to establish a new realm called “Phy-gital” reality. 

Major Participants of the Event 

  • Startrail, one of Japan’s biggest blockchain platforms focused on the fine art industry. 
  • TOMO KOIZUMI and ANREALAGE, one of the country’s most popular Japanese fashion designers and finalists of the prestigious LVMH Prize. 
  • Yuma Kishi, a modern Japanese contemporary artist who uses AI to create digital artworks.
  • B-OWND, a virtual marketplace focused on modern crafts.

Digital Twin

The event aims to emphasize the growing significance of the “digital twin” concept where almost everything in the physical world can now be represented by a digital version in the virtual world. 

At last, through blockchain tech, the digital and physical world are not separate realms anymore, as both worlds can finally coexist, which will certainly open a flood of opportunities for many industries. 

As for this event, the organizers will focus on how Japan’s world-renowned culture, especially its fashion, Pop-Art, and modern craft, can leverage this rising trend. 

Takahiro Koga 

Takahiro Koga is one of Japan’s sought-after ceramic artists and known for his popular “SPIKY series” and wearable ceramics. 

His ceramic creations are also featured in the “Made in Japan 3.0 Pop-Up” event, along with the other major figures in the Japanese modern culture. 

Koga’s ceramic crafts are made not only to showcase his talent but also to express important messages regarding the latest issues and trends happening in today’s society. 

His creations are infused with elements of evolution and diversity and counter the uniformity seen in most ceramic creations. 

Koga has already held many solo exhibitions in Japan, participated in various art fairs abroad, and his creations were featured at prestigious fairs such as Salone del Milano and Foire de Paris. 

Neo Maneki Neko Crypto

‘Maneki Neko’ is a widely popular waving cat figurine in Japan which is believed to bring good luck to everyone who owns it. 

And for his version, Koga made his own ceramic collection inspired by Maneki Nekos (but with a little twist), as these cats are infused with Bitcoin elements. 

His creation, called “Neo Maneki Neko Crypto,” isn’t exactly promoting Bitcoin but is meant to send a message about the growing significance of blockchain technology. 

Other Creations of Koga 

SPIKED Series 

The SPIKED Series is a collection of ceramic pots covered with either straight or curved spikes giving 

them visually-satisfying aesthetics. 

Samurai War Mask-Inspired Dishware 

This ceramic dishware for tea ceremonies is shaped by Koga as war masks to fuse two elements that have a massive significance in Japanese culture: Tea and warriors. 

Spiky Fox Mask 

Spiky Fox Masks are inspired by a legend that says that ancient Japanese use masks in rituals to transform themselves into the persona of the mask they’re wearing. 

Fox was chosen as the image of this ceramic collection because it is regarded in Japan as the god of tea, rice, and agriculture. 

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