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What is Famous Fox Federation?

famous fox federation
famous fox federation

The Famous Fox Federation is an NFT project composed of 7,777 2D foxes randomly and stylistically generated on the Solana blockchain.

Solana, a decentralized blockchain, is one of the most significant technologies built for emerging and established projects in the web3 space. The list of projects built on Solana is continuously growing, each designed to serve a purpose such as offering the community flipping tokens to earn double or nothing and introducing NFT collections. Regardless of the reasons, Solana proves it is home to exciting projects like the Famous Fox Federation (FFF), where the combination of FFFlip and NFT collections are found.


Famous Fox Federation has thirteen members headed by Draxx as the co-founder and FoxyDev as the lead developer. All team members focus on different tasks that make the project effective in employing all planned strategies, from NFTs to raffles. FFF also helps the less fortunate, which makes it purposeful. As part of the team’s mission, 800 SOL from proceeds were donated to help others.

What is Famous Fox Federation?

The Famous Fox Federation is composed of 7,777 NFTs randomly and stylistically generated on the Solana blockchain. Its collection comprises more than a million combinations that make every NFT unique.

The project has four different NFT collections, with three of them designed after a fox while the other one is all about dens. All three show different emotions, clothing, and other attributes. On the other hand, dens have rooms that can be designed depending on the preference of their owners.

Famous Fox Federation NFT Collections

The Foxosphere ecosystem comprises Famous Foxes, a Genesis NFT collection; Transdimensional Famous Foxes, the second generation NFTs; Famous Fox Friends & Foes, an honorary collection; and Famous Fox Dens, the home of Foxes.

Famous Foxes (FFF)

The total supply of Famous Foxes is 7,777 and was minted on the 30th of September 2021. The original plan of the project team was to release it on Ethereum, but its decision changed to Solana because of entry and speed-related matters. Every NFT trait has varying rarities depending on Fox combinations categorized into common, uncommon, rare, and epic.

Transdimensional Famous Foxes (TFF)

The Transdimensional Famous Foxes have a total supply of 7,777 NFTs. It almost looks like Famous Foxes but in a pixelated version. These NFTs can be used in participating missions, a gamified version of staking, to earn rewards.

Famous Fox Friends & Foes

Foxes are designed with fabulous, frightening, and fanciful art styles in this NFT collection. Its holders can earn 100 $FOXY each day and participate in all missions, regardless of the requirements.

Famous Fox Dens

The Foxosphere has real estate where NFT holders can experience its diversity. This collection has 3,000 NFT dens that can be displayed as the holder’s art piece. Its holder is eligible to join missions and receive rewards, serving as a way to show off Solana and Ethereum NFTs in one collection. Dens also have rooms that NFT owners can use for decoration purposes which they can obtain by buying them from its corresponding marketplace or as a mission reward.

Famous Fox Federation Tools

The Famous Fox Federation has four primary tools the community can use to get more assets like NFTs and tokens. There are also exciting things to earn in these tools that would boost the interest of the overall community. The tools include the famous token market, missions, raffle, and staking.

Famous Token Market

The marketplace is where the community can buy and sell tokens easily. It charges a 2% fee from the sales price but is free for anyone with a minimum of one staked FFF/TFF. Additionally, the marketplace is open to everyone. Thus, the market participants must be careful when buying tokens.


Missions are a gamified kind of staking with specific requirements to join, such as fox traits, levels, dens, and NFTs from other project collaborations. No one can end the missions early because their duration is fixed at six days. Famous Foxes and Transdimensional Famous Foxes NFT holders are eligible to participate in missions and receive the same benefits. Every mission has different rewards to offer, making it worthy of playing.


A raffle is one of the project’s ways to attract more people to the Famous Fox Federation. For safety purposes, the project employs measures that could help the community to verify the participants and take action: raffler credibility, participant visibility, community report, and flagged seller. There is also some advice given to the newcomers such as understanding probability, spending responsibly, never making assumptions related to last-minute purchases, and respect is a must.


The community can earn $FOXY by staking foxes with a minimum process of three days, but there is no maximum duration. Every staked Fox will get a corresponding $FOXY, and the earned utility tokens can be used for new generations of NFTs and upcoming features.

What is FFFlip?

FFFlip is one of the Famous Fox Federation’s utilities where players can flip their tokens to win double or nothing. It has more than ten Solana Program Library (SPL) tokens from different projects, including from Solana Monkey Business, DeGods, Okay Bears, and CatPunks, with expected additions soon. There is a 3% fee charged for every flip, with half of it going to treasury funds covering project costs.

Holder Benefits

The project provides exclusive benefits to its community that they can enjoy. It includes giving free access to all tools for every member with at least one FFF NFT, joining raffles, participating in monthly auctions, playing gamified staking missions, and having discounts. The happiness never seems to end with the project’s contributions to the Solana space and people within or outside its community. Since the project is composed of a team that cares, the efforts are reflected in fun and active community engagement.

Famous Fox Accomplishments

Famous Fox Federation proudly presents its accomplishments by being the first in many aspects such as doing NFT staking on Solana, conducting auctions and raffles with a native token, having a floor-sweeping tool, OTC trading post, and P2P WL token market. The project does not only celebrate its achievements within the Foxosphere but also outside of it by contributing to different charities like Action Against Hunger, SOS Children’s Villages, Save the Children, and more.


Every project is focused on success, but striving for it while contributing to significant social issues is genuinely remarkable. In this sense, the Famous Fox Federation has nothing more to prove as it is already well-established. The only thing left is to maintain its position and captivate the heart of its growing community.

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