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Philippine Web3 Festival to Empower Next-Generation Projects

Philippine Web3 Festival
Philippine Web3 Festival

November is here! I bet you have no idea what that means for the Web3, metaverse, blockchain, and of course the crypto community? Marquis Events Place in Taguig City, Philippines is set to host the much-awaited Web3 festival. Starting November 14-18 the event is set to become center stage for crypto, Web3, and metaverse enthusiasts. 

Famous and influential industry leaders are set to grace the event. Big names such as Beryl Li, Gabby Dizon from Yield Guild Games will be speaking at the event. Peter Ing of BlockchainSpace CEO is also expected to attend. Venture capitalists, as well as notable Web3 investors are all expected to turn up.

With no doubt, the Philippines has been a global frontrunner in the Web3, gaming and crypto space. The question remains, what will happen after the wrap-up of the event on 18th? How will the Philippines Web3 festival influence or boost next-generation projects? 

What to Expect from the PH Web3 Festival

Worldwide, the Web3 audience will be keen on an array of NFT projects, games, future projects, and guilds. All the players are set to showcase their current and upcoming projects within the Web3, metaverse, and crypto space. Forget the flagship conference, the week-long event will entertain esports tournaments, community-based events, and hackathons. 

The event is set to trace the roots of the beginning of Web3 movement. Additionally, it will bring together key players from different aspects of the Web3 community. Of course, we expect to learn, interact, network and get some insights on the future of the Web3 space. 

Notable venture capitalist; Augustus Ilag-Sequoia Capital, Eva Wu-Mechanism Capital, Ryan Foo- Delphi digital, and Mia Deng from Dragonfly Capital are expected to showcase future opportunities that Web3 presents for the Philippines. Web3 startups have a once-in-a-while opportunity to showcase their skills and prowess in this space. Something these guys will be looking for. 

Jeffrey Zirlin, one of the creators of Axie Infinity together with Gabby Dizon from Yield Guild Games will deliver their speeches on Nov. 15. You can’t afford to miss this! Gabby will take the audience through his personal experiences regarding the uprising of Metaverse. On the other hand, Zirlin is expected to deliver a speech on the implications of games as digital nations. What makes them digital nations?

Nov. 16, the second day, we expect more of speeches and conversations to touch on the Web3 infrastructure. Seven keynote speakers are expected to express their opinions on the future development within Web3 infrastructure. The day’s schedule outlines catchy topics such as ‘Why Web3 Needs Communities’ by Alvin Kan. Leon Foong will do a presentation on ‘Building A Platform and an Ecosystem for Growth. 

The final day will be an interesting one. From art, creativity to gaming. This will be entertaining! It will revolve around content development in these areas within the Web3 environment. In attendance will be representatives from the industry’s key players such as BinaryX, Mirai labs, Delphi Digital, and OP Games

Next-generation Projects, what follows next? 

The event will offer hands-on, interactive and practical sessions with next-generation developers. What this means for builders, is that, with the knowledge learned from the conference they should be optimistic to find themselves within the Web3 space. They can easily proceed to build, develop and perfect within the Web3 environment. 

Away from Artificial Intelligence (AI), Web3 is set to become a game changer in the tech industry. From the conception of Web3, well, it has always been clear that it is going to make history. Web3 will disrupt a wide range of segments from institutions, governments and businesses. 

The future of decentralized economies, cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance (DeFi) is solely based on the actualization and future developments within the Web3 environment. The events of the Philippines conference will have a significant impact on these segments.

Wrap up

The much-awaited PH Web3 festival is finally near. We expect nothing less from a week-long of entertainment, learning, and interaction. Most importantly, we need to know and understand what the future holds for us in the Web3 space. It is an opportunity for Web3 startups to showcase their skills and creativity within this space. 

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