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What is OP Games?

op games
op games

OP Games is a gaming platform designed to help players access HTML5 games, join tournament competitions, and purchase OP NFTs. 

Blockchain technology is currently making waves of innovations in various industries, taking the center of power away from big corporations and finally handing it over to the people. And the gaming industry would not be spared from this transition as blockchain is already on its way to land its territory through Web 3.0 gaming. 


Chase Freo

OP Games is a Philippines-based gaming platform founded by CEO Chase Freo, who served as a chief marketing officer of a gaming company in China. His partner, CTO Paul Gadi, has been in the gaming industry for two decades and is also the co-founder of blockchain gaming company Altitude Games. 

They established OP Games to bring a new wave of opportunities and benefits for the gaming community through the blockchain-powered Web 3.0 

What is OP Games?

OP Games is a gaming platform established by a team of Filipino game developers in 2018 to help players access HTML5 games, join tournament competitions, and purchase OP non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

By using the OP Protocol, developers can establish a viable and sustainable model better than the overly centralized Web 2.0 platforms that significantly limit game developers’ and gamers’ benefits. 

It aims to position itself as a Web 3.0 gaming hub, with players, game owners, and developers working together to develop the community, tap the platform’s full potential, and spread the benefits to all stakeholders. 

How Can Each Stakeholder Benefit From OP Games?


Players will have the opportunity to try various games owned by different communities, as well the option to participate in pooled tournaments, gain direct earnings, and become game owners. 


The platform’s decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) will provide game owners an opportunity to vote for game updates, make proposals, elect new developers, and fund additional development relevant to the community’s improvement. 

Game Owners 

It can help gamers build up their gaming portfolio, collect digital assets, and acquire fractional ownership through NFT sales. 

Web 3.0 Gaming 

Without a doubt, Web 2.0 gaming has brought an enhanced gaming experience for every gamer around the world, but like other technologies, it also has its share of problems that limits its potential. 

Even though a ton of Web 2.0 games are free to play, gamers are required to buy in-app purchases just to experience the full features of a game. Moreover, gamers receive no compensation for their expenses, and almost all game profits go straight to developers and platforms. 

This structure benefits only a few at the expense of the many. And this centralized system is what Web 3.0 gaming wants to change. With Web 3.0 gaming, a game’s profits and other opportunities go to every stakeholder, including developers, creatives, and the community. 

Community Owned Games in The OP Arcade 

  1. Conquest.eth (Ronan Stanford) – an open-ended and on-chain strategy game where gamers need to capture their fellow players’ planets to control the universe. 
  1. FlipFlop (Creator: FeatureKreep) – a puzzle game where players can mirror levels to pass through obstacles and acquire shards. 
  1. Forest Cuties (Andrzej Mazur) is a memory game that requires players to unlock collectible cards by accomplishing missions inside and outside of the game. 

Arcadians NFT Collection

The Arcadians NFT collection, launched last October 20, is a collection of 10,000 computer-generated unique avatars that draw their inspiration from classic arcade games. 

The ETH airdrop raised from this collection will fund OP Games’ Web 3.0 accelerator program, game developers, and NFT communities. The collection’s mint price starts at 0.055 ETH and will use the Ethereum Mainnet as its blockchain. 

Arcadians are valuable because they are composable, which enables them to be an asset in games. The OP Arcade team calls this concept “game legos,” which are little chunks of codes that can band together to form new experiences, just like the real-life legos. 

And since Arcadians are the genesis NFTs of the OP Games Metaverse, it will have an ever-increasing utility as the platform’s metaverse expands. 

Another major advantage of Arcadians NFT collection is that an actual gaming company created them, with thorough knowledge of game development and the game industry itself. 

In other words, each Arcadian, aside from having the perfect looks of a game character, is equipped with beneficial features for gamers, including the ability to be used across the games developed by OP Games’ partners. 

Arcadian Fund Allocation 

Open Source Engines 

A chunk of the funds generated by Arcadian will go to open-source engines, including Phaser, Defold, and Godot, that would let the platform’s “game legos” be more beneficial for game creators. 

NFT and Game Development Communities 

Collaboration with game jam events such as Gamedev.js and JS13KGames will be one of OP Games’ main strategies to establish Web 3.0 gaming further. 

Web 3.0 Accelerator Program 

Funds from Arcadian sales will also fund HTML5 game developers to help them create games for a Web 3.0 environment.  

Arcadian Roadmap 

Q3 2021 An open-source avatar battle game will be released that would allow Arcadians to compete with each other. 
Q4 2021 Josh Blaylock of Devil’s Due partners with OP Games to create Arcadians Multiverse comics. 
As part of the platform’s progress report, it will announce its Arcadian games partnership to its community. 
Q1 2022 Breeding and combat mechanisms will be available through a layer-2, play-to-earn game.

OP Games Partnership 

OP Games has recently partnered with Yield Guild Games (YGG), a play-to-earn blockchain gaming platform, to expand its metaverse further. As part of the deal, YGG has purchased 200 Arcadians to help OP Games fund various ventures, including open-source game engines, game development, and game grants. 

The two gaming platforms also plan to establish an accelerator program that will rollout mentorship sessions that aim to teach about community ownership through NFTs and DAO. The sessions, with YGG co-founder Gabby Dizon as its mentor, desires to equip game developers with crucial knowledge about blockchain gaming. 


OP Games is a versatile platform that could smoothly introduce play-to-earn and web 3.0 to the gaming community, who for so long have been limited by the current centralized and highly restrictive gaming system. With its Arcadian NFT collection and its upcoming evolutions, gamers must brace themselves for the revolution that is about to come. 

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