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What is Paras?

paras marketplace
paras marketplace

Paras is an all-in-one digital collectible marketplace powered by the NEAR Protocol and IPFS/Filecoin. 

Not all Web3 platforms started with glitz and glamour, with large VCs at their side to fund their ideas. Some started with Silicon Valley-like “garage stories,” whose success started with sweat and bootstrapping, defeating all odds just to launch their grand idea. 


The Paras team is composed of an Indonesian-based team with backgrounds in computer science, marketing, security engineering, full-stack product engineering, coding, accounting, and business development. 

The initial stages of the project were funded not by big venture capitalists but by winning on various hackathons that have proved the team’s competitiveness and expertise in the tech field. 

What is Paras? 

Paras is an all-in-one digital collectible marketplace powered by the NEAR Protocol and IPFS/Filecoin. 

Thanks to the NEAR Protocol, Paras can deliver the ideal combination of speedy and very low-cost transactions while maintaining efficiency and security. 

Paras is designed to allow all projects in its platform to be automatically linked on its marketplace and support secondary sales transactions. 

How to Collect Cards in Paras 

To start collecting Paras digital cards, create a NEAR account (instructions on this link) and buy NEAR tokens on supported crypto exchanges such as Binance, Huobi Global, and OKEx (now OKX) 

Crypto Native Intellectual Property 

Paras facilitates the creation of crypto native intellectual properties (IPs) and helps creators start small and consistently develop their assets. With growing assets under their ownerships, creators can then expand on bringing these assets on other bigger and more profitable projects, including games, comics, and more. 

This approach allows creators to access bigger mediums and audiences, which helps boost the profits of both the platform and the creators. 

More About Paras 

The marketplace started with virtual art cards inspired by physical trading cards and, with its success, started expanding on various high-demand digital collectibles. Paras aims to attract emerging crypto collectors and a large slice of the traditional trading card collectors who are yet to see the massive potential of digital collections. 

The platform takes 5% of every transaction inside its system and on the secondary market sales to support its creators’ economy. 

As for its current digital assets, it has infused them with rich background stories and lore to bring more life to them and make them more valuable. In fact, it encourages its creators to create collections under a specific theme to make their assets more interesting for potential buyers. 

Future Plans 

It is also looking at creating its own metaverse and making it a rich source of entertainment for the community. It also wants to hire new artists and creators that would help the platform build more native intellectual properties such as games, toys, and comics. 

Anyone who would like to apply as a Paras Artist may click on this link and fill up the required details, which the team will then review. Paras will also offer marketplace mining and token grants distribution to provide users with additional profits while interacting in the platform. 

And to better streamline the entire platform, it will also develop a technology that can connect each project built in its system. 

PARAS Token 

PARAS Token is the platform’s native token with a total supply of 100 million and can be used for exclusive events and DAO governance, benefits that will be discussed in detail below.

Access on Exclusive Events and Deals 

The platform will launch events and deals that can only be accessed by PARAS token holders, which will further increase the demand for the token. 

Influencers, creators, merchants, artists, and other creatives can launch exclusive raffles for holders, which can be a profitable revenue source for them. 

Ticket buyers who might not be chosen from these raffles can also benefit as these tickets are in the form of NFTs, which means they still have resale value. 

These exclusive deals and events open new opportunities to launch projects and raise funds, what’s more, their blockchain nature allows both the organizers and (all) participants to receive valuable benefits. 

DAO Governance 

Token holders will also gain access to participate in the critical decisions regarding community grants, artist whitelisting, and updating the platform features. 

The community’s involvement would also help expand PARAS token’s utilities, which would benefit not only the token but the entire ecosystem. 

Game Projects Supported By Paras

Paras is focusing on the gaming sector as it offers massive opportunities to unlock and expand the utilities of NFT assets. The platform currently supports these Web3 gaming projects: 

Galaxy Online 

Galaxy Online is an MMO blockchain game where Paras held an NFT drop, allowing the marketplace and the gaming platform to reach a wider audience. 

Gamers who acquired one of the Galaxy Online NFT Drops can upgrade their Space Stations and even rent them on other Galaxy players for additional profits. 


Metamon is a sci-fi and fantasy-based blockchain game powered by MTVRS, a Web3, and e-sports games platform. 

Paras opened its platform for Metamon to allow the game to offer NFTs on its marketplace, which, in turn, would allow holders to gain access and benefits on games built on MTVRS. 

OP Games 

OP Games is a Philippines-based Web3 gaming platform, and Paras became one of its partner firms in launching its first-ever NFT card drop. 

These NFT cards are not mere collectibles as they give owners the power to become part of the platform’s decision-makers that will decide the future paths of OP Games. 


Paras has a big potential to become successful with its balanced distribution of benefits to the creators, token holders, and the entire platform. 

But blockbuster ideas and ultra-efficient protocols aren’t enough to win the blockchain game; it will still boil down to how a project can handle future competitions, which is yet to be seen with Paras. 

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