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What is Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia?


Play-to-earn games are hitting high points in various parts of the world, especially in the Southeast Asian region, where their popularity keeps rising. 

To tap this surging demand, a gaming guild platform has created a sub decentralized autonomous organization or sub-DAO, to allow more gamers to experience the benefits of blockchain gaming, including security, advanced gameplay, and above all, profitability. 


Evan Spytma is the CEO and co-founder of YGG SEA and has more than two decades of experience with some of the most prestigious gaming studios in the world, including Electronic Arts (EA) and Unity Technologies. 

At his side are his fellow co-founders, Dan Wang, who has a solid background in gaming through his experiences in leading operations at Riot Games in China, and Irene Umar of Discovery Nusantara Capital, an Indonesian-based gaming VC. 

What is Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA)? 

Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia is the first subDAO of YGG, a play-to-earn (P2E) gaming guild, and was established to tap the growing popularity of blockchain games in the Asian region. 

The guild’s sub-DAO, YGG SEA, aims to roll out the benefits of play-to-earn games in the underserved Southeast Asian countries and help them keep up with the rising application of blockchain technology. 

Through the sub-DAO, guild members will have the privilege to have direct access to highly valuable and expensive NFT assets and up to 70% share of their game-based earnings. 

YGG SEA’s Grand Plans For Southeast Asia 

YGG SEA will support blockchain games with local languages such as Thai, Bahasa Indonesian, and Tagalog to further increase the adoption of decentralized games in the region. 

On top of these things, YGG SEA has already secured stakes on a series of new play-to-earn games designed for various types of gamers, which means that it is geared up to expand its presence to more players in Southeast Asia.

YGG SEA plans to first set foot in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam before expanding on other countries in the region. 

The subDAO is indeed prepared for its Asian expansion as it is equipped with a team with long and thorough knowledge in pushing tech adoption in Southeast Asia, a region with over 700 million people from 11 nations open for new technology.

A Short Hop On YGG 

Yield Guild Games (YGG), the mother DAO that brought YGG SEA to life, is a play-to-earn gaming guild that purchases valuable assets from various blockchain games and lends them to its guild or scholars. 

This mechanism enables scholars to utilize high-value NFT gaming assets and earn from them without shelling out high capital. 

It currently serves less than 5,000 scholars and is a potential game-changer in the blockchain gaming industry as it allows more players to have access to costly NFT assets and profit from them. 

YGG SEA Has Raised $15 Million For Its Asian Venture

Recently, YGG SEA has announced that it has successfully raised US$15 million from its two rounds of fundraising. 

YGG SEA’s first funding round was supported by Infinity Ventures Crypto, while the second round of funding was participated by Animoca Brands, Crypto.com Capital, Polygon, and other big names in the venture capital field. 

Sembrani Kiganis by BRI Ventures was also one of the venture firms that has supported YGG SEA. BRI Ventures is an Indonesian-based venture capital firm backed by the Bank Rakyat Indonesia, and the partnership between the two companies would further open Indonesia to the world of blockchain gaming. 

The funds that YGG SEA has raised will be used to fund, develop and support locally published play-to-earn games in the region and for game asset acquisitions that would further strengthen its presence in Southeast Asia. 

YGG SEA Partnerships 

YGG SEA Collaborates With Kollect 

YGG SEA has partnered with Kollect, a blockchain-powered gamified card collection platform, to establish a strong presence in Southeast Asia and make blockchain games more accessible for Asians. 

Kollect and YGG SEA have joined forces to allow both of their communities to interact and enable players to discuss strategies on how to win games. And since both of them are decentralized platforms, their synergy also provides yield, trading, and other DeFi transactions.

YGG SEA Partners With GamePad

YGG SEA has signed a deal with GamePad through an investment partnership that aims to improve the crypto gaming platform’s play-to-earn games and its ecosystem. 

Also, this deal would enable GamePad to expand in Southeast Asia through the help of YGG SEA’s vast network and gamer base that would further boost the gaming platform’s exposure and popularity. 


There’s no doubt that blockchain games will be the gaming industry’s future, but most of them can be too costly for gamers, especially for Southeast Asian-based players. 

But through the help of YGG SEA, more gamers in the region can finally have access to various decentralized games and earn from them, giving them a much-needed income stream and enabling them to tap these games’ other benefits. 

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