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What is Weedbits?


Weedbits is a collection of 10,420 unique algorithmically generated NFT portraits of marijuana leaf characters stored on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The first non-fungible token (NFT) was born around 2014, and almost nobody took it seriously. Fast forward to today, NFTs have gained recognition as one of the most sought-after digital assets along with decentralized finance (DeFi). With NFTs’ new-found status, various projects are banking on its high demand by introducing a series of new collections and creative concepts to compete for consumers’ attention, and of course, digital wallets. 


To bring the pot culture into the realm of the metaverse, a team of developers and artists have banded together to create Weedbits, an NFT platform that caters to weed enthusiasts. 

The Weedbits team desires to bring together weed enthusiasts from various parts of the world into its metaverse platform to create a solid community of pot and NFT fans. 

What is Weedbit? 

Weedbits is a collection of 10,420 unique algorithmically generated NFT portraits of marijuana leaf characters stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. 

These 10,000+ NFTs come from the combination of more than 273 originally hand-drawn traits, accessories, and customized props. 

Its concept is similar to trading cards where rarity increases each asset’s price. And since this collection is all created by an algorithm, every single weed NFT has a unique feature or trait, making all of them valuable. 

One other aspect that makes Weedbits valuable is its fixed supply of 10,420 NFT weeds, which means that the collection’s value would either remain or go up but would never go down as its quantity can never increase. 

Moreover, its utility can certainly drive up the interest of potential buyers since Weedbits NFTs also function as tickets to access a members-only clubhouse. And for those who own at least 2 Weedbits, they can join on a future date to mint the next generation of the platform’s NFTs. 

The platform has an exclusive club called Weedbits Club (WBC), and those who are interested in joining this group need to purchase a Weedbit. 

Weedbits are available on the platform’s official website, but there are also a limited number of available NFTs on the Binance NFT Market, ranging from $550 – $5,000 as of October 2021. The minimum requirement for purchasing a Weedbits NFT is 0.1 ETH. 

Perks of Owning a Weedbits NFT 

  1. Members with at least one Weedbit in their digital wallet can get access to a monthly perk that varies every month, which makes its reward system more appealing. 
  1. Rare gears, parts of a special collection, and virtual treasures. 
  1. Exclusive access on stoners’ club and members-exclusive perks 

Weedbits NFT Minting 

Collectors can mint each Weedbits NFT for 0.1 ETH, and members can mint up to 20 Weedbits in a single transaction, given that they have a registered Metamask wallet. 

Perks for Early Supporters 

Gold Lighter 

The Gold Lighter is a premium VIP pass that offers high-class perks to users who minted Weedbits before the sale. This perk is held by the platform’s ‘first line users’ who have the most premium benefits as a token of gratitude for being Weedbit pioneers. 

Silver VIP Pass 

The Silver VIP Pass is also a premium perk for early supporters but has fewer priority benefits than the Gold Lighter. 


These Lighters are also special, but they have no VIP benefits, unlike the two previous lighters. These gears serve as a piece of art and are also in the parallel collection of Weedbits creators. 

It has two types of perks, one is exclusive for those who have minted on ETH, which has been already dropped to entitled users, and the other one goes to those who purchased Weedbits on the Binance NFT Marketplace. 

Users can have both a VIP pass and Early Supporter Gear since these two perks are considered different categories. However, users cannot hold more than one VIP pass. 


Collectors who can acquire all the seven Dragon Bongs stars can access the Legendary Series Weedbits, one of the most sought-after NFTs in Weedbits’ platform. 

Since Weedbits’ Road Map has already reached 20% of the collection minted, it will release The Dragon, and all collectors would have a chance to acquire one of the super rare seven stars Dragon Bongs. Weedbits members can collect the Dragon Bongs as single gears with the monthly raffle or as a trait of a Weedbit that the user has already minted. 

This concept is a nod to the hit anime series Dragonball Z, where anyone who can collect the 7 Dragonballs can summon the magical dragon Shenron. 


Weedbits has created a great platform that offers premium digital artistry, concept creativity, and above all, an exclusive group for weed enthusiasts. It offers eye-candy and highly valuable ‘weed’ NFTs, engaging ways to interact with the platform, and a generous reward system that offers dozens of perks for collectors and supporters.

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