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Tron Adds Security to Main Office in Beijing and Creates a role for “Head of Government Relations” Following Justin Sun Allegations

Tron adds security

Tron has upped its security outside of its Beijing office following numerous scandals that have hit the company and its founder, Justin Sun.

Pictures released by BlockRythmnBlockBeats on Jinse’s website shows two security guards outside Tron’s office armed with explosive shields and other weapons. The report suggests that Tron is still operating as normal, yet the doors were locked to the office. 

Security outside Tron’s Beijing Office (Source: Jinse)

Police presence first began in June of this year when an angry mob stormed the Tron offices. The mob were angered after being burned by the Wave Field Super Community ponzi scheme which affected numerous investors. 

According to reports, Tron called the police to stop the mob entering the office. Many in China questioned Tron’s lack of response to the incident and demanded an apology. The situation has died down now, but security still remains, perhaps due to Sun’s legal issues which came to light this week.

Illegal fundraising and porn transactions: Sun’s legal troubles

It has been a week to forget for Tron’s founder. Sun had to cancel his much anticipated multi-million dollar purchased lunch with investing legend Warren Buffet due to kidney stones. Yet, some have suggested this was a FUD and this was only heightened further following news of Sun’s legal issues.

A Chinese news outlet revealed that Sun was currently under investigation in China due to illegal fundraising. In even more embarrassing news, Sun was also accused of promoting prohibited pornographic content through porn transaction facilitation.

The news site also claimed that Sun was still in China, yet Sun took to a live stream in the US to tell his numerous followers that he was abroad and “safe”. 

Whatever the case may be, this is clearly a sticky situation for Sun and Tron. The Tron founder has consistently denied any wrongdoing, claiming that his company was not subject to Chinese jurisdiction due to Tron moving to Singapore. 

Tron makes a position for “Head of Government Relations”

All these rumored legal issues with the Chinese government are certainly not just hot air. The reality and seriousness of the situation were made evident as the company posted a job alert for a “head of government relations”. 

Head of government relations job listing on Tron’s Chinese website (Source; Jinse)

The new position was posted on the Chinese version of the website on July 23rd. According to the job description, the work is namely responsible for handling various emergencies, Government communication, public relations, and other matters.

Whoever takes the job may be very busy!

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