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What is Rokkunoru?


Rokkunoru is a collection of 7,000 NFTs composed of seven unique characters and powered by the Cardano blockchain.

Creating an eye-catching and one-of-a-kind project appears to be a difficult task, and some developers steered their projects in different directions, not all of which actually panned out. Like Anime, most web3 enthusiasts go as far as to emulate their favorite characters. Anime fans may now get their personalized non-fungible token (NFT) that is close to what they can visualize thanks to Rokkunoru.


Rokkunoru creators feel that brand building is critical to web3 success. Big names have already begun to dip their toes in the water. As early dot-com boom pioneers, they intend to be Web3 pioneers too, and with the support of Rokku key holders, they can make this brand a major piece of Web3 history.

The team is mostly based in the Americas, and they are proud of their team members and the value they offer to the organization. The crew is confident in its collective ability to supply and construct, having experiences in big tech and early Web3 development. The team is composed of founder Kaizski, co-founder OneOfOne, Choobie the artist, engineer Gupperz, TripleT the animator, 3D artist Lokie, and Anvil for the Mint team.

The team members of Rokkunoru believe that having a successful brand is impossible to achieve without the support of a strong community, their priority is building a strong community for Rokkunoru. Aside from that, they are forward-facing and aim to build something that will last as the crypto space shifts and evolves. Moreover, they also believe in bridging gaps with positivity. This can be accomplished by providing unique art with quality and professionalism that can also create potential opportunities for new investors and the NFT community.

What is Rokkunoru?

Rokkunoru is a collection of 7,000 NFTs composed of seven unique characters and powered by the Cardano blockchain. Rokkunoru is a window into the vast future of Web3. Rokkunoru is a vision for the future. Rokku Keys are the characters of Rokkunoru, which are provided to holders so that they can access the full utilities of the project.

Rokku Keys

These are the featured characters of the Rokku-verse, holding these keys can help holders see what Rokkunoru has in store for them:


The first of its kind, Cyborg 0-X1. Engineered with the intention of becoming a sophisticated weapon, Kikai had different plans. Kikai assumed charge of the laboratory soon after discovering what was in store.


Rokkumon, one of many magical animals in the Rokku-Verse, serves as the mystic plains’ guardian. He means good in his way, yet he can be wild and unexpected at times. According to legend, Rokkumon is the very spirit of the Rokku-Verse, which is why he goes out of his way to protect gods and legendary animals alike. Of all the Gods Rokkumon has taken a liking to B.B.Y the most, the two are often spotted together.


Kino, one of the Rokku-Verses’ newest Gods, has always lived for himself. He is carefree and free; he enjoys himself and his life in any way he can. Typically, this involves his penchant for pulling pranks on anybody and everything. He finds the most enjoyment in upsetting important or historical events.


B.B.Y. is reported to have coexisted with the Rokku-Verse from its inception. Little is known about him other than the fact that he can come and disappear whenever he wants. B.B.Y. has been seen alongside Rokkumon and other mysterious animals on numerous occasions.


Benco, an extraterrestrial species in the Rokku-Verse, wanders across dimensions and galaxies in search of ways to enhance himself into the perfect person. Benco was far from satisfied after learning all sorts of academia on his native planet Dastrox. He vowed to become the supreme being in all realms of existence. His ambitions after achieving his aim are unknown; however, his travels have taken him to the Rokku-Verse.


Automatic ReservedList

Any future Rokkunoru mints will be automatically added to the ReservedList. The developers of Rokkunoru believe in assisting their early adopters in the same way that they have supported the project. Rokkunoru’s first five characters determine each key. That key directly serves as a portal to minting a variant of whichever character is represented in the key of the possessor.

Key holders will be prioritized in any future mints (including partnerships) and claims. For example, if a key holder has a Kikai-designed Key, they will be able to mint a Kikai pfp with their key.

Raffles for Rokku Key Holders

Post-mints, the developers will be dedicating a percentage of royalties as raffle rewards for the key holders. Raffles will only be held in the official Rokkunoru Discord.

Rokkunoru revenues from key collecting will contribute 35% to the Jackpot. Holders will vote on an agreed-upon “x” amount to be placed into the jackpot. They will also talk about how the jackpot will be won, how many winners there can be, and so on. Moving forward, the jackpot will be triggered whenever the required “x” amount is raised.

Exclusive Merchandise

Rokku Key Holders will be able to obtain a one-time bespoke Rokkunoru product drop – 1,000 total items based on the holder’s specific key.

Key Staking and Tokenomics

The team behind Rokkunoru has already started working on a Tokenomics system, which will be a key factor for interacting with the Rokkuverse. Key staking provides PFP minting benefits. They seek to implement innovation and find ways to make staking pre-tokenomics. The longer a Rokku key bearer holds it, the more potential mints he or she can unlock for the PFP collection.

$Rokku, it’s critical to not only break down token allocation but also to provide use cases in which the Rokkunoru team can give tokens additional value as their product evolves. They are serious about their tokenomics and ecosystem, and there is no urgency for them to release this.


The Rokkunoru team does not believe in oversaturating collections with art; instead, where appropriate, they would like to provide holders with unique pieces that provide a deeper dive into the Rokkuverse. The $Rokku is now in the works using Rokkunoru’s tokenomics, and the team wants Rokku Key holders to know that they will be richly rewarded in the initial airdrop for $rokku.

Furthermore, the Rokkunoru creators do not believe in oversaturating collections with art; instead, where appropriate, we would like to provide holders with unique works that provide a deeper dive into the Rokkuverse.

Priority Whitelist Collaborations

Whitelists have made it simple to interact with other projects, and the Rokkunoru team would like to reward their early supporters with whitelist slots when possible. Whitelists have emerged as an important means of collaboration for the Cardano NFT community. Other initiatives are always reaching out to established projects and offering one-of-a-kind WL collaboration. They will make certain that their key holders are always given priority in this situation.


Some evolving projects are seeking ways to collaborate with the big names in the industry. With these utilities that Rokkunoru offers, it will only be a matter of time before they will be working together to give their holders the most wonderful experience in Web3. More importantly, it could give these projects an edge against their competitors, and it will surely last in the industry.

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