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NEO’s EcoFund Invests in Blockchain-Based Hotel Booking Platform, Travala.com


Hotel Booking Platform, Travala.com

Committed to crypto’s real-world use this investment will assist in Travala.com’s global expansion

Travala.com, the leading blockchain-based accommodation booking platform, will be one of the projects supported by NEO’s EcoFund. Aimed at propelling real-world use-cases, the NEO EcoFund investment will assist in the expansion of Travala.com with funds earmarked towards global growth, marketing, and talent acquisition, with an aim to double the developer team within the next six months.

Commenting on the announcement, Matthew Luczynski, CEO, and Co-Founder of Travala.com said, “The blockchain ecosystem is by far one of the most supportive industries out there. The cross-collaboration, support, and constant encouragement between projects is a true sign of our dedication to the collective goal of mass adoption. With this backing from a trailblazer within the space, we can now focus on hiring technical talent while making moves into our additional target markets.”

“Over the last six months, we have seen a significant 1542% increase in the number of users on the Travala.com platform. Our priority for the next six months is to double the size of our current team in order to meet the demand in our service, which is exactly what this funding will help us to do,” added Luczynski.

Launched earlier this year, the NEO EcoFund will be available to projects at different phases of their life cycle, from seed phase, through to growth, and maturity. Travala.com, currently in its growth stage, will utilise the funding to further drive its current marketing efforts, expand the team and advance the technology. 

Saving consumers up to 40% on their hotel stays and with a reach of over 210 countries and territories, Travala.com’s portfolio of over 82,000 destinations, has increased by 2084% in the last six months. Offering a consumer-based application of blockchain technology, Travala.com is able to provide a further-optimised booking platform and an equitable pricing model that benefits both consumers and hotel partners alike. In addition to offering leading cryptocurrency payment methods on its platform, Travala.com also accepts including PayPal, Visa and MasterCard payments.

“With our EcoFund we hope to create a supportive environment, propelling ambitious startups to success. The overall goal here is to provide projects, regardless of their stage, the funding and support needed to reach their full potential. As we enter a new era of blockchain adoption and given their proven track record of growth, I am confident, not only in Travala.com’s capabilities but their commitment to the future of blockchain while potentially becoming one of the leading online travel platforms,” concluded Da Hongfei, Founder of NEO.


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