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Huobi CEO Interview as Prime Launches Today

Livio Weng Huobi Prime

The launch of Huobi Prime, the platform for coin startups, is set for today and in a preview to its debut moment, Huobi CEO Livio Weng, did an interview with Odaily News, in which he spoke of Huobi’s latest addition to their blockchain empire.

Since the announcement of the Prime, the comparisons between it and Binance Launchpad have persisted. Huobi’s internal exchange offering (IEO) platform may prove a substantial challenger to Binance, who have been making and breaking records with their launchpad.

However, Weng looked to distance Huobi from this narative of competition between themselves and Binance saying:

“The two are essentially different… Huobi Prime is not an IEO….We are both head exchanges, so we people often connect us. But the DNA of the two is completely different.”

It is clear that Weng wanted the focus on Prime not the Launchpad and he exclusively revealed that more additions and projects are coming in the next to weeks. In the interview he said:

“The pace of the initial launch of the project may be faster, I will give you an exclusive message, after two to three weeks we will have launched the second Prime project.”

The Huobi leader also looked to quell and clarify concerns for those looking to participate when the Prime launches, who may have been put off by the expected HT required to take part. On this he claimed:

“The threshold of the user’s position we set was 1000HT. At that time, HT was only 1 US dollar. The result has recently risen too much, and it has been adjusted to 500HT because this project is approaching. However, we will not implement this rule for the time being, and everyone can participate, feel and experience extensively..”

Huobi has gone from strength to strength since its launch, with offices around the world and a tight grip on the crypto sphere, it is without a doubt one of the top brands in the industry. Huobi prime is certainly another push for dominance and strength in the market and it is cear that its importance isparamount to Huobi’s success. Weng spoke of the longterm goal overall with the addition of Prime:

“The launch of Prime by Huobi is to make a layout on the small currency. The small currency market is diversified. No matter how much it is robbed, there will still be many high-quality projects….. our style of play is to consolidate our advantage in the big currency, and to deepen the layout of the small currency market. Prime is a key to our strategic layout.”

Huobi prime is set to launch today, for more information on Huobi and the outcome of the launch or any other crypto news, stay up to date with Asia Crypto Today.


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