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Huobi CEO Fires Back at Doubters and Gives Gifts for Chinese New Year

huobi ceo fires back

Rumors have been swirling around Huobi’s apparent problems. From their apparent financial issues, relocation and large scale layoffs. However, as Asia Crypto News reported recently, they are launching their own stable coin. Now according to Huoxing24, CEO Li Lin has looked to quash the rumors whilst putting forward, “five major measures to boost confidence in the Huobi Token within the market.

Li Lin – CEO of Huobi

Li Lin first responded to the rumors, claiming that a lot of the issues were fabricated and pure fiction. He conceded that yes there were some difficulties with management but this was to be expected as the company has grown exponentially in a short space of time with localized subsidiaries in Japan, South Korea, the United States, and the Middle East, and has established business lines such as Firecoin Cloud, Mine Pool, Wallet, Capital, and Fire China.

One the topic of redundancies, the Huobi CEO claimed many fabricated 30% of the fire currency layoffs, an internal “Palace” and other false information. Li Lin said that the best way for the media and enterprises to respect each other is to report truthfully, objectively and fairly. Not only that, he claimed reports of poor finances and miscalculated assessments on Huobi’s part as a misunderstanding and a result of poor journalism.

Li Lin also responded to the Huobi Token issue that investors care about. Affected by the overall market conditions, both Bitcoin and Ethereum have fallen to the lowest price in the past year, and Huobi Token is also the same. When it comes to the price of 1 year, Bitcoin shrinks by nearly 1/3, Ethereumshrinks by nearly 1/10, and Huobi Token has the smallest decline.

In fact perhaps to show how good life is at the moment for the company it is reported that Li Lin, will issue 20 million Huobi Coin Tokens in red packets through the Fire Letter App at noon on January 31 containing gifts of big sizes.

The CEO also disclosed five measures to boost confidence in the Huobi Token (HT) in the future and according to Huoxing24 they were:

  1. Delay the HT thaw in the incentive part of the team.
  2. According to market conditions, the number of executives repurchasing HT is further increased.
  3. Accelerate the expansion of business applications such as fire letters, so that more users can hold HT.
  4. The launching of the Huobi public chain.
  5. Do a good job in exchanges and contract business, increase repurchase volume and reduce liquidity.

Some of these measures are interesting. Certainly, number four is one to look out for, are Huobi looking to match Ethreum, EOS, and Tron in the public blockchain space? Check out our Top Trumps comparison of the three public blockchains, where would Huobi fit in that mix?

Who knows what the future will hold for Huobi, but it is clear they are fighting and have the passion to stay whilst being lead by Lin.


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