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How Brokerage Can Help in a Bear Market

How Brokerage Can Help in a Bear Market

Brokers play a significant role in executing sales and maintaining consumer relationships as well as creating them. Brokers act as sellers or buyers of various products and services. Apart from negotiating for items, they can help you with the stock market, cryptocurrency deals, real estate, and other available investments. Each agent carries specific tasks as requested by clients and deliver within the agreed time limit.

Benefits of Brokerage

Brokerage accords benefits to clients and brokers alike. Brokers also build meaningful relationships with customers and in turn promote brand loyalty as well as retaining repeat clients. For consumers, benefits range from excellent services to accessing profitable investments without the hustle. Some brokers assist people at considerably lower rates compared to market rates. A good example includes stock traders that serve users online. They have useful platforms that recommend safe trades to interested parties. This can also be easily applied to the cryptocurrency space. They also provide regular updates regarding current market conditions and the upcoming trends (market knowledge). Every intermediary serves their customers with the best prices available. They present you with the cheapest yet profitable options and thus saving you money and time.

Another advantage includes simplifying things especially if they are too complicated to understand. For instance, some people have yet to grasp the essence of cryptocurrencies. Approaching exchanges or OTC companies directly may limit your choices, but if you use brokerage, you will have access to the entire market without contacting agencies individually. Most importantly, your broker will handle the necessary tasks required and not to forget that most brokers today have adopted artificial intelligence for providing accurate advice.

Challenges of Using Brokerage

Agents usually offer different packages to clients and therefore, finding an ideal brokerage firm or service to use is difficult and time-consuming. Crypto exchange platforms provide revenue opportunities, but you need a broker to generate profits. The first step involves opening a trading account with each exchange. You will also have to pass each of their KYC and AML requirements. To this for even just the more popular exchanges out there will take a lot of time and resources. Obtaining a reliable brokerage is tricky and requires thorough research. Not to mention that if you want to get a pocket-friendly platform, you have to check multiple exchange points individually.

One way to avoid all this hassle is to use a brokerage service. Various trading points have for years served the public by partnering with different recognized providers across the globe. Apart from traditional investment opportunities, agencies have adopted trending options like blockchains and cryptography.

Below are some of the platforms to consider while searching for brokerage services:

Formosa Financial – The company’s partnerships include crypto exchanges and OTC trading desks such as Bitstamp, Gemini, GDAX, Bittrex, Bitfinex, QCP Capital, Octagon Trading, and Cumberland. Features available range from accessing wholesale rates to having real-time trade quotations. Formosa Financial has a large community that helps investors navigate the exchange platforms while using world-class trading models to acquire the best prices. Their interface is consumer-friendly with useful management tools guaranteed to make your trading experience exceptional. For more information, visit  and partner with innovative teams.

Hiveex – The online trading site deals with crypto trading options. As a global OTC brokerage, it works with the largest cryptocurrency providers to give clients favorable pricing conditions on multiple cryptos. With Hiveex, traders have unlimited access to currencies from big suppliers as well as minor ones. They provide quotations upfront and trade within your limits. All you need is to complete a 3-step registration process and start trading after validation. You can place orders via Email or WhatsApp as their team assists you 24/7. Visit their website for more information and if possible, consider trading with the platform. Cryptocurrencies will become the future as more companies adopt the practice across the globe.

Crypto Finance AG – The brokerage platform partners with the world’s top exchanges to provide optimized financial services to individual and corporate clients. They also use various trading tools to project transparency, maximize security, eliminate inconveniences, and deliver upfront services. Years of banking experience has endowed them with vast market knowledge.

Octagon Strategy Limited – The digital brokerage firm provides market insights on top of offering risk management models to users. It is the largest OTC trading platform in Asia delivering financial solutions across many transaction fields. Teams involved possess extensive knowledge regarding markets and digital assets.


Brokerage exists in various dimensions in that; the process covers fields like insurance, real estate, stock exchange, crypto trading, and product sales and purchases. As an intermediary podium, brokerage comes with several benefits including saving time and money, job opportunities, unlimited options, and diverse possibilities. Although agents have varying conditions, highly-rated trading platforms are impossible to miss. You can research on Formosa Financial, Hiveex, Crypto Finance, or Octagon Strategy Limited. They have a global reputation and an impressive track record on their portfolios.


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