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What is History DAO?

history dao
history dao

History DAO is a NEAR-based platform for minting, collecting, and trading non-fungible tokens (NFTs) related to historical events. 

Can history be trusted? While the world now has dozens of ways to permanently record history, one big problem has continued to linger and threaten the credibility of these records: tampering. As the saying goes, “history is written by victors.” Since authentic history is critical to human knowledge, these records must be true, pure, and unbiased, which are standards that were impossible to execute before, but one emerging protocol aims to bring this into reality. 


History DAO, a history NFT-centric platform, desires to eradicate the possibility of victors tampering with history for their own interests. 

By fully leveraging the power of blockchain technology, the platform has provided the public with the power to counter centralized controls and save history from further contamination. 

What is History DAO?

History DAO is a NEAR-based platform for minting, collecting, and trading NFTs related to historical events. 

Platform users can launch their own Initial NFT Offering (INO) to crowdfund their collection as they chronicle a series of any major events, including elections, tournaments, and more. 

History DAO also gives recognition to the community by selecting a person of the year and historic album collections. On top of that, the platform also picks the best historic event on its platform on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis. 

These recognitions are meant to provide the community with a sense of pride and gratitude for their efforts in preserving the world’s historical events. 

Block History 

Block History allows people to record a historical event on the blockchain and turn it into an NFT, and by fully leveraging the power of blockchain, this record is protected from being tampered with by any entities.

The platform is designed to accommodate not only images but also articles and videos that contain historical significance. Also, as long as the ‘History’ NFTs can be traded freely, each asset can show its value, not by mere speculation but by market behavior. 

Through Block History’s open governance, historical facts are decided by a democratic consensus, instead of centralized decisions. 

It aims to expand its library to authenticate more historical events and finally counter the flow of tampered historical information on the web. 

GameFi, Hash Chain, and More 

Once a person minted his ‘History’ NFT, the platform would provide a window of 10-30 minutes to allow others to track that historical event and create NFT copies of it. 

Even though that NFT can be copied even for a short time, they are not given permission to acquire its ownership. The platform stores its data in a hash chain instead of relying entirely on computer operations, in this way, it can handle more transactions and lower the gas fees at the same time. To boost authenticity, it facilitates active community participation to verify the timelines of the historical NFTs minted in its platform. 

The Block is also planning to roll out GameFi elements, which would be integrated into its own metaverse. 

History DAO x Kevin Kelly 

Who is Kevin Kelly? 

Kevin Kelly is the founding executive editor of the Wired Magazine and a world-renowned icon of cyberculture. 

He has more than three decades of experience in covering the latest in information technology, 

cultural behavior and global tech trends. 

He is also the author of best-selling publications, which include “The Inevitable,” “What Technology Wants,” and the “Silver Cord,” which all explores technology from a whole new angle. 

Kelly is regarded as one of the iconic figures in the tech industry, and his interview with History DAO is a significant piece of history worthy of being remembered. To commemorate his March 15 interview, the platform has minted key content from the interview to allow history buffs and NFT enthusiasts to own a piece of this historic moment. 

Why Mint Kelly’s Interview? 

Kevin Kelly is a ‘Tech Prophet’ 

Kevin Kelly has already proven his tech “prophetic” skills when it comes to predicting the progress of certain technologies. 

His predictions about how the Internet and artificial intelligence would evolve have come into fruition, which further cemented his image as a tech icon. 

And again, he made another series of “tech predictions,” this time, with cryptocurrencies, which makes his History DAO interview exciting. Just imagine owning a piece of his interview when his crypto prophecies finally come true. It would certainly be a thrill of a lifetime! 

He’s a Global Icon 

But expecting that Kelly’s predictions would come true isn’t the only driving force behind his interview; above all, it’s his popularity that makes his minted interview truly valuable. Whether his crypto predictions come true or not, owning a piece of his interview is already a valuable digital asset to have. 

Limited Number of NFTs 

Given Kelly’s global clout, the NFT mint has generated massive interest, but the platform has only minted 50 pieces of NFTs, making these assets rare and extremely valuable. 


History DAO positions itself as an authentic platform for NFT transactions, with its focus on historic preservation and its recent interview with Kevin Kelly. With the NFT realm being littered with fraudulent transactions, the platform’s authentic positioning will help separate itself from the noise of the competition. 

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