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Global Blockchain Event in Shanghai set for September

Shanghai Blokchain Event

The Global Blockchain Summit and Shanghai International Blockchain Week is set to arrive on the 16th Sep. to Sep.18th, in an event that promises to be one of the biggest of the year.

The annual event is founded by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs who will bring in world-renowned blockchain experts and representatives from other industries to talk about the hot topics of blockchain technology.

This event, its fifth overall, is set to have a large number of guests and projects. According to a press release, the event will host 2000+attendees, 250+global experts, 40+high-profile topics, 50+excellent projects.

The projects will be presented on Demo Day, which will happen on the first day. This part of the event will see the projects, “present their progress and development to industry participants, providing a unique opportunity to understand the promise and potential values of blockchain technology.”

The alumni of these previous project showcases at the event is impressive. Companies like Cosmos, Qtum, imToken, and VeChain, all important players in the blockchain industry have all been presented at the event before. 

The rest of the event will see a discussion on the topic, “Blockchain New Economy: New Decade, New Beginning”. This will see a look back at the great achievements of the past decade and then crucially look at the future of blockchain technology and mainstream adoption.

They are yet to release the speakers for this year’s event. Last year notable speakers were, Lihui Li, former Bank of China President and Ethereum founder, Vitalik Buterin, so expect some big names to attend the event this year.

Blockchain has come a long way in the past decade, evolving into a more and more useful and integral part of the world we live in. Since 2008 it has undergone numerous improvements to its systems and algorithms. As it grew so did its usability with even national governments who are skeptical towards digital currency, the framework which introduced the technology to the world, now utilizing it in various ways.


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