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What is DeHero Game? A Detailed Guide

DeHero Game
DeHero Game

Too many play-to-earn games, but few have been game-changers. DeHero is one project that aims to become the apex web3 game of 2023.

DeHeroGame is a highly innovative card game that utilizes the power of GameFi 2.0 technology, providing players with an unparalleled gaming experience. Developed by MixMarvel, the game ensures that all elements, including hero cards, skills, battles, mining, and game logic, are deployed on the Rangers Protocol.

With its groundbreaking “Staking Card Game” concept, DeHeroGame takes players on a thrilling adventure in a parallel time-space universe where they must assemble a powerful hero team, participate in exciting PVE and PVP dungeon challenges, and earn valuable fungible and non-fungible token (NFT) rewards.

What’s more, you can actually pre-register for the game and get the chance to receive an airdrop.


As the first gaming application on the Rangers Mainnet, DeHeroGame leads the way in GameFi 2.0 technology, offering complete decentralization, asset cross-chain, low gas fees, and web2-friendly solutions.

With over 100 NFT hero cards, players can immerse themselves in a rich multi-universe, enhancing their hero cards and engaging in exhilarating gameplay modes such as dungeon challenges. In addition, players can unlock financial rewards by participating in various in-game activities, making DeHeroGame a thrilling and profitable gaming experience.

What is DeHero?

DeHero is a decentralized platform that utilizes that offers players an immersive and thrilling gaming experience via 100 NFT cards. Each hero card has a specific amount of $HEROES staked, setting the bottom value of the NFT card and making DeHero the first platform to redefine its value.

Players can participate in various in-game activities such as hero enhancement, PVE battles, and maze exploration to earn financial rewards. The platform also offers several mining pools, including Card-Collectibles, LP, and Equipment Mining Pool, that provide players with the opportunity to earn high profits. As DeHero continues to expand its application scenarios for NFTs, it will gradually form a new GameFi v2.0 paradigm, creating more roles and division of labor for NFT holders.


In DeHero, players can enhance their hero cards by using experience points to upgrade their attributes, initial skills, and combat power. This allows players to succeed in battles and unlock more financial rewards. The dungeon challenge in DeHero is a fascinating gameplay mode that consists of nearly 100 dungeons with varying difficulties, each requiring a minimum number and level of hero cards to unlock. Players must navigate through the maze, triggering various random events along the way, to reach the end and unlock rich rewards such as experience, skill fragments, cards, and tokens.

DeHero’s maze exploration gameplay mode is designed to be challenging and exciting, requiring players to use their resourcefulness and strategy to make it to the end. All hero cards and skills in DeHero are built as NFT assets on the blockchain, ensuring complete decentralization. This includes all transactions involved in in-game activities such as battling and mining are also on the chain. Thanks to the efficient processing capability of RangersProtocol, players can enjoy a smooth gaming experience without compromising on safety or security.


DeHero offers a variety of exciting opportunities for players to engage with the platform and earn substantial profits. With multiple ways to replenish energy for heroes, such as mines with varying incomes, players can stay fully engaged while maximizing their earning potential.

In addition, the LP mining pools with high APY offer another avenue for players to earn significant rewards. And with the dungeon challenge providing the chance to win rich battle rewards, players have multiple paths to achieving success in the game.

Furthermore, DeHero boasts having over 200 skill NFTs, allowing players to create infinite possibilities through different hero and skill combinations. Remember, there are also hero card NFTs. By participating in in-game activities, players can enhance these assets and contribute to the overall value of the platform.

The global heroes’ combat feature is another highlight of DeHero, featuring visually stunning hero cards that are not only NFTs but also works of art. Players can lead their heroes on dungeon adventures to unlock their full potential and engage in thrilling global combat against players from around the world.

$AMG Token

DeHeroGame Amazing (AMG) is a governance token that has garnered attention from the gaming community. With a total supply of 100,000,000 units, AMG offers players an opportunity to demonstrate their worth and influence within the community. The token is designed to provide multiple usage scenarios such as in-game NFT progression, monthly membership subscription, special event voucher, voting, and more. As a result, it is expected to offer solid value growth and increase in demand in the future.

How to Pre-Register for DeHero

Head over to the DeHero website and click the “Pre-Register Now” button.

Note that you’ll need either a MetaMask or a Unipass ID to create an account. But once you’re done, you should be eligible to receive the upcoming airdrop.


DeHero is a highly innovative play-to-earn game that utilizes GameFi 2.0 technology to offer players an immersive and profitable gaming experience. With its unique “Staking Card Game” concept, players can assemble a powerful hero team, participate in thrilling dungeon challenges, and earn valuable fungible and non-fungible token rewards. The platform offers several ways for players to earn profits, including hero card enhancement, in-game mining, and LP mining pools.

The governance token, DeHeroGame Amazing, provides players with an opportunity to demonstrate their worth and influence within the community. As the first gaming application on the Rangers Mainnet, DeHero sets a new standard for the future of NFT gaming and is poised to become the apex web3 game of 2023.

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