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What Is Cyberlinx?


The visionary team behind Cyberlinx has an ultimate mission – to build something extraordinary and disruptive which will provide value to the entire community and non-fungible token (NFT) space.

The Rovira brothers, who are Cyberlinx founders and at the same time are also Web3 specialists and Solana builders, are true and consistent to tweak and challenge the current state of the NFT space because its main impetus is pegged on consistency and innovation.

What is Cyberlinx?

Cyberlinx is a project composed of over 4000 Cyberpunk-inspired NFT collectibles minted on September 7, 2022, at the initial set price of 1.5 SOL. The project currently had 7 utilities and can guarantee a 100% return of the casino distribution fees to all holders through casino games, bots snipers, raffles, and airdrops.

As of press time, Cyberlinks has over 20 tokens that are collaborations with several Solana-based projects. All applications are developed by the founders themselves who are Web3 specialists. The team is working towards building a collaborative and solid community.

The Cyberlinx is composed of a team of leaders and innovators who are passionate about shattering glass ceilings and boundaries in the NFT space. Notably, the founders are also recognized in UX and UI design, creation of VUESAX, developers of e-commerce, web apps, platforms, and wallets, as well as creators of the BANEXCOIN and also of diverse NFT projects.

Additionally, the Cyberlink teams have also produced video games and popular movies.

With that being said, the Cyberlinx team are expert in its niche and should be taken seriously. The Cyberlinx project isn’t all publicity stunt or hype because the founders are at the same time, the builders and developers of the projects and platforms.

Fundamentally, what sets Cyberlinx apart from other projects is that the founders are truly passionate and they are fully involved with the curation and building process.

Linx City

This is the place where the magic happens. This city is where creativity and authenticity trump known limits. When you buy and stake Cyberlinx NFTs, you also generate $LINX and also support the project’s ecosystem, utilities, and web3 platforms.

Founders and Team


Co-founder, UI and UX Design

Manu is a popular and multi-awarded UI and UX designer who is known for his interface design. He is well-applauded for his creativity and passion for his craft which reflects in his designs leaving a lasting impression


Co-founder, Full-Stack Developer

He is acclaimed as one of the top-notch front-end full-stack DEV who is known to be the creator of the Vuesax framework which is very useful for many developers today. He is an innovative creator and expert in web3.


Digital Artist

If there’s one thing that sets Kottufita apart from other digital artists is that she always has a fresh take on the projects she works on. She is innovative and very detail-oriented making her a truly valuable part of the team.



This artist is known for her inclination toward anime art and video games. She can perfectly depict the vision of the Rovira brothers which you can see in the Cyberlinx collection. This artist leaves no room for mediocrity as she carefully creates each collectible with extreme emphasis on every detail and color.


Software Engineer

This software engineer who also loves to play chess is also a seasoned programmer and developer with over 22 years of solid experience on the job. Despite being a senior web3 expert, he keeps on upgrading his knowledge and skills.


Community Manager

With her social media expertise and charm, she manages the Cyberlinx social networks with ease. She is the type who underpromises and over-delivers with each story she creates for projects.


Motion Designer

This extremely talented artist has been globally recognized for his talent and participation in several projects as a motion or animation designer. He is constantly updating his skills in animation knowing that the industry evolves in a rapid fashion and it’s a must to keep up or miss the train.


Creative Writer

Polarys leads the Discord team and is also the creative mind behind the story of Cyberlinx. She is truly passionate about the projects she works on and always goes above and beyond the call of duty.


The Cyberlinx community is heavily founded on having a strong sense of community. Zero together with his S.O.S. opened up a route in the Quantum network which links the material reality with the virtual reality that stems from the NFT Dimensional Multiverse.

Zero has been calling people to join his world and are pooling at the meeting center or the Community Station found at the epicenter of Linx City where you can find all the Cyberlinx survivors.

Humans also flock to the Community Station showing remarkable diversity in terms of language and culture and are fully involved in the challenges of Cyberlinx with the primary goal or mission of releasing the Linx Essence that has been held captive in the Cyberlinx.

Overall, the Cyberlinx is composed of people who dare to take risks, love adventures, are willing to go above and beyond, and do not want to miss out on anything while raging war against the Meca and Disruptors who want to cripple and extinguish them.

Becoming a Cyberlinx would entail either a Cyberlist or a public offering. Once these two species successfully merge, they will form a truly unique species that is the first of its kind in existence. They will be a part of an exclusive ecosystem with a strong alliance formed with collective profits and then sealed with an address and be a diamond hand.

You are entitled to transfer the fusion if the receiver can pay 10x more of the value that the Primary Fusioner has paid for.  

Don’t focus on the 10,000 remaining Cyberlinx. Never underestimate that number because each one has the propensity to take you to the north or the moon. In the Community Station, only the relentless and the authentic ones thrive. It’s all about building a state of oneness or community. Fear is unknown and not entertained in this place.

With Cyberlinx, the goal is to reach the full level of authenticity and rebelliousness. The state of becoming is a continuous and convoluted state that maximizes the potential of each one.


A Raffle Station is set up at the Linx City Periphery wherein you can snag weekly adventure passes to join varied NFT dimensional species found in the Multiverse. More so, you can win in the games at the Black Market with winning creating that exhilarating adrenaline rush in every Cyberinx species.


The Linux Essence is hidden in each Cyberlinx species stacked away from the radar of Whitening. This doesn’t take account of memories or past recollections of who you once were but of the potential that every species can attain as it evolves and morphs to its maximum potential.

There are no known limits to the Cyberlinx species. The Linx Essence is fueled primarily by total freedom and willpower to become who you want to be or in doing what you want. It’s all on you.

With only 10,000 remaining Linxhumans out of millions that existed, the species was in danger of extinction on Red Day.  Now, the Linxhumans have morphed into 90% cyborgs, making them Cyberlinx. Evidently, organic tissues were replaced by artificial implants, and the species is controlled mainly by the Disruptors.

With the help of the Wizardlinx, they will soon be transported to the Essential Linx Source that can protect Cyberlinx from the clasp of IACyborg. The primary condition allowing one to access the Central District is to be fused with the Staking Station or someone coming from the material world acquiring the Cyberlinx through Public Mining, Cyberlist, or the secondary market.

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