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Chinese Tax Reforms to Give Boost to Bitcoin (BTC)?

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Since the price fall of crypto, there have been various rumours of what will provide a revival to the currency in the near future. From celebrity endorsements to countries giving boosts to Bitcoin, the ideas have been numerous.

Now, a new one has surfaced, this time coming from China. Dovey Wan, the founding partner of crypto-friendly Primitive Ventures, has claimed in a Twitter post that the recent tax reforms from the Chinese government could force the mega-rich in the country to put their surplus cash into the crypto market in order to circumvent the authorities. The new common reporting standard (CRS) will also make overseas shell companies far easier to track, making certain countries better places to hide money as well as other markets effective hiding spots – i.e. Cryptocurrency.

As you can see from the post, it is clear that overseas properties may be a big factor but if prices go into a negative flux and aren’t profitable in lucrative areas like San Francisco, New York City, Bangkok, Phuket, and Vancouver, then this could prompt a shift to the crypto ecosystem.

However, rather interestingly, Wan has stated that the influx of cash may not come through over the counter (OTC) desks as many may think, rather it will no doubt come through a “mining operation or hash rate rental to acquire BTC instead of buying it up front”. This is because the OTC transactions are still able to be viewed by the authorities.

The recent tax reforms have come alongside a far tougher stance by the Chinese government to restore economic equality in the nation. The disappearance of Fan Bing Bing, the famous Hollywood, and Chinese actress, made headline news around the world as many wondered where she had gone, however, following the realization that it was to do with unpaid taxes, it became clear that the government were sending a clear message to the mega-rich in the nation.

Fan Bing Bing, the famous Hollywood, and Chinese actress

Not only that, many conspiracies have formed around the eerie disappearances of other Chinese billionaires. One such proponent of these ideas is  Micheal Novogratz who quoted statistics which claimed, from 2003 to 2011, the mortality rate of billionaires had risen, with 15 murdered, 17 committing suicide, seven died from accidents. 19 also died from a handful of illnesses and health conditions, while 14 were executed.

Whatever the case may be, there are certainly incentives be them real or mythical, to put excess unaccounted for cash elsewhere, and with its decentralized market, crypto appears to be the place to go.


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