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What is Bull Empire?

bull empire
bull empire

Bull Empire is a Solana-based collection composed of 2,500 pixelized bulls, each possessing unique traits and different levels of rarity. 

It seems that Asian folklore is making a big splash this year and making itself known to the world through non-fungible token (NFT) collections. With impressive artworks, passionate teams, and exciting roadmaps, Asian-themed NFTs are starting to leap and fly to showcase digital artworks with rich, age-old cultural backgrounds.  


Bull Empire’s team is composed of 2 designers, a founder, co-founder, chief strategy officer, chief marketing officer, lead artist, and a chief technical officer. 

With competent members, the team aims to bring a dose of Asian culture to the NFT global stage by showcasing immersive artworks and competitive digital offerings. 

What is Bull Empire? 

Bull Empire is a Solana-based collection composed of 2,500 pixelized bulls, and each bull possesses unique traits and different levels of rarity. 

This is an Asian-inspired NFT collection powered by artists coming from Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, who have lent their artistic skills to bring the rich Asian culture to the world stage. 

The collection’s minting event will start before or around February 2022 and will only accept Phantom, Sollet, and Solflare wallets. 

With the collection’s strong Asian community, many enthusiasts expect that it will be the next “Monkey Kingdom,” an Asian NFT collection that has achieved impressive feats since its launch. 

3D Bulls and a Metaverse

If the main sale goes well, the team will proceed to the project’s next major step, which is launching the 3D bulls. 

The great thing about these 3D assets is that they are not all about aesthetics, as they will serve as a “key” for NFT holders to enter the Bull Empire’s metaverse.

The metaverse aspect of the collection is a big deal since it would be the first Asian NFT project that will integrate the elements of the metaverse, which could potentially separate it from the competition. Another thing that can push Bull Empire further is its active online presence as the team behind it works hard to update the community and respond to their queries, which is a critical element for any NFT project. 

Also, Bull Empire’s roadmap wouldn’t be static. The team is set to update their future plans for the bulls to enhance the community’s experience further and compete better against other collections. 

To further increase the hype, the team is also launching a series of giveaways, one of which was kickstarted last January 13, where a Skeleton Bull #1976, worth $2,400, was put as an inviting prize. 

But even with plenty of grounds to cover, the team hasn’t forgotten one of the most, if not the most important element in their venture: Security.

In the collection’s official Discord account, the team highlighted that Bull Empire’s website has gone through the necessary test launch with the help of website security auditing and web penetration testing experts. 

Bull Demon King 

The Bull Demon King, a mythical creature where the NFT collection was based, is an ancient demon that takes the form of a half-man and half-bull. 

He came from a Chinese novel, called “Journey to the West”, written during the height of the Ming Dynasty, and remains an integral part of the country’s culture up to this day. 

The Bull King has incredible strength, possesses shape-shifting capabilities, and always displays violence, wrath, and vengeance.  


December 2021 

  • Launch of official Discord, Twitter, and Instagram accounts 
  • Launch of Website 
  • Whitelisting 

January 2022 

  • Bull Empire minting 
  • Bull NFT giveaways 
  • Secondary market listing 
  • DAO-voting selects a charity organization to support 
  • Launch of 3D collection 
  • Collaboration on luxury brands 

Bullish Collaborations 

The Bull Empire holds such a massive potential that various icons have immediately jumped into the ‘bullwagon,’ including Jessica Jung, a former member of Girls Generation, Flizzow, and Kana Momonogi. 

Jessica Sooyeon Jung is a singer, songwriter, model, actress, and businesswoman, but is widely known for being one of the former members of the Girls Generation kpop group. 

Joe Flizzow is a Malaysian rapper, songwriter, producer, and one of the most famous icons of Asian hip-hop. 

Kana Momonogi is an AV Japanese actress, which the male audience of the Bull Empire community can certainly recognize. 

Asian Community Support 

When the ‘Monkey Kingdom’ NFT collection was hit by a big breach that wiped out its community’s estimated 7000 SOL, the Bull Empire team came in and helped. 

Since the ‘Monkey’ and ‘Bull’ are both parts of the Asian community, the Bull team chose to set the competition aside for a while and offered to help the victims of the breach, which are mostly Asians. 

The team has offered 150 whitelists and 30 free mints to show support to its beloved Asian NFT enthusiasts affected by the unfortunate hacking incident. 


The Bull Empire’s metaverse element is an exciting one, but it is an offering that future Asian-themed collections will surely replicate. 

Also, its roadmap, while clear and promising, must evolve to maintain the community’s excitement and prove that it has what it takes to compete with the current and future NFT collections. 

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