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Andreas Antonopoulos Gives Mimblewimble Verdict

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The go-to voice of Bitcoin and Blockchain, Andreas Antonopoulos has put in his two cents surrounding the much-hyped Mimblewimble project in a recent interview.

The Let’s Talk Bitcoin podcast star has claimed that the two cryptocurrencies on the decentralized platform, Grin and Beam are like the Ying and Yang for the project and work of each other:

“The governance of the two is completely different: one is very grassroots, taking the community development model; the other is commercialization, aiming to create a viable commercial product. Grin has a command line interface (Linux, OSX, and Windows) that is not convenient for normal users. Beam has a complete graphical user interface and mobile wallet for added convenience.”

Grin was just launched January of this year and Beam in 2018. Grin received lots of compliments for its great start and its approach to the decentralization model.

Antonopolous also eluded to the fact that the supply of Beam is constant and there is no limit on the total amount of Grin, which will produce 60 SGD per minute. In addition, both currencies offer a new option for expansion and privacy, he summed it all up by saying:

“According to the development team of the two projects, Grin aims to be a medium of exchange, while Beam wants to be a value-protector.”

MW was first brought to life by an anonymous person under the pseudonym, Tom Elvis Jedusor, the French name for Harry Porter’s Lord Voldemort) in 2016 along with a team of anonymous developers.

Antonopolous described the project as a whole claiming the protocol allows the optimization of scaling and increased privacy while making transactions. It removes unnecessary information with regards to transactions made on the protocol allowing more transactions to be made on the platform.

The Professor of Bitcoin has appeared to give a good review of the project and hopefully, this can give people a greater insight into the nuanced and often mysterious MW project.


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