Home News Ethereum News A Dapp game developer jumps ship from Ethereum to Tron

A Dapp game developer jumps ship from Ethereum to Tron

A Dapp game developer jumps ship from Ethereum to Tron
A Dapp game developer jumps ship from Ethereum to Tron

Ethereum continues to lose its appeal among developers and institutions seeking to have a feel of blockchain technology. For example, PriceWaterhouseCoopers recently ditched the Ethereum platform to VeChain. Now, a game developer, BitGuild, has shifted from paying allegiance to Vitalik Buterin and now prefers Justin Sun, Tron’s founder.

After launching its native token, PLAT, on Ethereum using the ERC20 standard, BitGuild has jumped ship and transferred the tokens to the Tron blockchain where they will conform to the compatible TRC20 standard.

The migration was announced on May 10. In a tweet, BitGuild said:

“PLAT migration to Tron is live. Swap your ERC20 for brand-new TRC20 PLAT now by visiting our migration page and following the steps provided.”

To avoid losing PLAT tokens during the migration process, the blockchain-based game development firm requested users not no send the tokens directly from a cold wallet. Instead, they are supposed first to withdraw or send them to a browser-based Ethereum wallet such as MetaMask.

Last year, Ethereum lost a notable number of game developers to Tron. One of the reasons for the migration is that Tron’s founder, Justin Sun, indicated that he would support the developers during cryptos’ tough times. Another reason that may have necessitated the move is the scalability of the Ethereum network.

Tron has always been a strong competitor of Ethereum. One way Sun is making the migration easy is to make ERC20 tokens created on the Ethereum blockchain compatible with Tron’s TRC20 standards.

Apart from migrating to Tron, others are migrating to other blockchain platforms such as VeChain. For example, Deloitte, one of the ‘big four’ audit firms migrated from Ethereum to VeChain. Deloitte’s migration came days after BMW and PriceWaterhouseCoopers also ditched Ethereum for VeChain.

Noticeably, Tron is proving more desirable for game developers while VeChain is appealing to firms who conduct transactions or want to store and share data using blockchain technology.


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