Occam Finance is part of a new crypto-financial suite designed to give solutions for the Cardano network. The protocol is intended to be an all-in-one Cardano decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem that aims to capitalize on the benefits of transparency and decentralization while being compliant with regulatory agencies.

In a nutshell:

  • Occam is a method for obtaining funding through an IDO.
  • OCC is the token ticker.
  • The circulating supply of OCC is 15,217,681.
  • The protocol makes use of Solidity smart contracts before transitioning to Plutus.

OccamRazer is provided by Occam.fi. It is the first decentralized fundraising launchpad for Cardano. The platform allows new Blockchain initiatives to obtain funding while also providing investors early access to tokens or coins. Cardano is a Blockchain platform based on proof-of-stake (PoS) that may be used to build decentralized projects or Dapps. Decentralized applications (Dapps) are constructed on the Cardano network, like Facebook is built on the internet.

OccamRazer will allow projects to collect funding by offering various unique fundraising options. The platform provides a solid functional product where each project may conduct fundraising in a decentralized manner. It is meant to drive the unlocking of Cardano ecosystems’ liquidity and is suitable for various fundraising profiles.

Aside from the Launchpad, Occam.fi intends to create a decentralized exchange (DEX) and a DAO-based governance layer. The Occam ecosystem is powered by OCC coins, which are available as Cardano native tokens. The OCC coins are used to get access to liquidity pools as well as for staking.

How does the Occam Finance Protocol work?

Occam Finance is divided into three  main components:

  1. OccamRazer: the Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) platform used to generate capital for Cardano companies.
  2. Occam: a Cardano-powered AMM (automated market maker).
  3. OccamDAO: an autonomous organization that allows token holders to vote on development activities.

OccamRazer is a fundraising platform that features a tiered structure. It allows users to access IDOs based on the tier investors they belong to. Investors must go through know-your-client (KYC) processes and earn a minimum of 150 OCC tokens before participating in IDOs.

In its initial stages, OCC was only available as an ERC20 token. However, after the release of the Ethereum-Cardano bridge, which serves as a liquidity tunnel between the blockchains, the platform’s focus has switched toward a multichain-ready architecture. The protocol presents the many capabilities of these components under one roof via a simple user interface, with the major use case being fundraising. 

Issues addressed by Occam.fi 

The traditional fundraising method involves drawbacks such as low-cost efficiency, exclusivity, and a limited pool of investors. On the other hand, most decentralized fundraising systems that have emerged previously contain flaws such as bias and volatility.

Cardano’s ADA was once considered worthless since holders could not stake the tokens for the goal of yield generation. The ADA token has limited applications and utility. As a result, Cardano has a massive pool of dormant liquidity. The introduction of DeFi on Cardano opened the way for projects to be published on the platform. Such projects also require an effective decentralized fundraising tool.

What solution does Occam.fi’s offer?

Occam.fi provides a straightforward concept focused on supporting many kinds of projects seeking that initial funding. This solution must be provided efficiently through private and public fundraising rounds.

Occam tackles the concerns of fundraising cost and speed through OccamRazer. It does this while addressing the other inadequacies of existing decentralized exchange fundraising. The vulnerabilities include unaccounted-for volatility and complexities. The user-friendliness of the OccamRazer product is also meant to add value to the project.

What Makes Occam an Excellent Solution?

OccamRazor is revolutionizing decentralized funding by delivering low costs, speed, and transparency. It also fits all project sizes, from the simplest to the most complex.

Ether holders are having difficulty funding new projects created on other blockchains. They will be able to do so thanks to the cross-chain bridge that Occam will build.

Occam will also enable the use of Cardano’s latent liquidity, increasing the value of the ADA coin. Until recently, there has been a significant untapped advantage to the Cardano community.

Who invented Occam?

Occam Finance was founded by a group of individuals based in Zug’s Crypto Valley. Some team members had previously won local and national computer programming and math competitions.

The Occam Association’s president, Mark Berger, is a crypto industry veteran who started Scalable Solutions. He aims to prepare the crypto economy for institutional and enterprise acceptance by serving as an adviser in various traditional financial services and startups. 

Several other recognizable advisers and members make up the core staff of the Occam Association. Its main aim is to expand the Occam.fi ecosystem and the Cardano community. 

How does Occam Finance operate?

OccamRazer employs a tiered structure comprised of five primary levels, as explained below.

  • Max Allocation is the maximum number of tokens you may purchase.
  • IDO Cool-off is the amount of IDOs you must skip before you can participate again.
  • Tier I and Tier II will provide you with secure access to IDOs.
  • Participation Multiples (also known as tickets) influence your chances of gaining access to IDOs. The random draw results will be public 24 hours after the IDO registration period ends.

You must complete the following steps before participating in IDOs on the Occam Finance platform:

  • At least 150 OCC tokens must be staked in the pool.
  • Complete the KYC process on the OccamRazer platform.
  • Sign up for the IDO.
  • Once the pool is open, deposit ETH to obtain project tokens.

The Occam Finance IDO system eliminates conventional ICO problems. The team implements the following functionalities on the platform:

  • Mechanisms for fixed prices.
  • Seed fundraising rounds are divided into private and public pools.
  • The community can rate projects.
  • Front-running avoidance.
  • Bounty hunting programs, community missions, and the referral system are all available.

After the Cardano mainnet release, Occam Finance’s subsequent offerings will be OccamX and OccamDAO. OccamRazer, together with those two products, will create the ideal trio, building a DeFi ecosystem within Cardano.

What are the key characteristics of Occam?

  • Occam is an all-in-one fundraising platform with a user-friendly interface.
  • The platform supports Metamask, which is used with a user’s Cardano Wallet.
  • The Occam team is active, and updates, news announcements, and blogs are frequently posted for users to track and obtain forthcoming IDOs.

What is the Occam token?

The OCC token is essential for participating in IDOs through OccamRazer and serves as a governance token for Occam Finance. It allows platform functionality. According to coingecko, the token has a circulating supply of 15,217,681. The available supply is self-reported.

How to buy the OCC Token

OCC may be obtained via various CEXs and DEXs, including Uniswap, SushiSwap, Gate.io, and others.

Final Thoughts 

Occam offers an all-in-one, feature-rich environment for raising capital and trading. The initiative boasts (KYC) regulatory compliance while also claiming all of the benefits of decentralization in addition to catering to traditional financial institutions,

The UI focuses on the institutional mass market, emphasizing user experience, and primarily aims at unlocking and raising funding for new IDOs via its Ethereum-Cardano bridge.

Occam.fi is wonderful news for Cardano and new projects looking for an efficient, inclusive, cost-effective decentralized funding solution. The wider Cardano community and Ethereum investors will benefit if the platform is successful.