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Travala Review: Benefits and Future plans

Travala is giving the growing tourist community a new boost by building a blockchain based platform allowing users to book for hotels and travel using cryptocurrencies. The platform is built by experience blockchain experts with deep knowledge of the travel industry. Launched in 2017, Travala seeks to revolutionize the travel industry and make it as stress-free as possible.

All about TRAVALA
All about TRAVALA

Moreover, their travel booking marketplace is built on the NEO blockchain which is scalable and has a high transaction speed. This means that it Travala is fast and available 24/7.

Using NEO Blockchain?

However, using the NEO blockchain does not hinder its users to travel with Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), TRON (TRX), Binance Coin (BNB), among other top cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it supports payment through PayPal.

Among the things you can do on Travala whether you want to travel with Bitcoin or PayPal is to pay for accommodation in over 200 countries and destinations like Rome, Paris, Barcelona, New York, Dubai, etc and qualify for a discount not exceeding 40 percent. This implies that it’s likely to travel with Bitcoin and pay only 60 percent of the marked accommodation rate. Travala does not charge booking fees.

Travala Referral Program

So, the travel booking site has another edge over other travel booking platforms as it allows users to earn incentives when a friend joins the platform through them. There are two ways of earning rewards. When the invited friend creates an account and when the invited friend uses the platform for his/her travel booking needs. Rewards are disbursed using the platform’s native token, AVA. To make it even more interesting, the referred friend is also rewarded with AVA tokens.

Travala Smart Program

The cool thing about this smart program is that it is open for existing users. Here, members are eligible for a discount of up to 5 percent of the listed accommodation rate. Also, on the last day of your stay, you earn a loyalty reward of up to 5 percent.

However, to join the program, you have to hold AVA tokens. The program is open to those who travel with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, Dogecoin, TRON, or any other supported cryptocurrency and payment method.

Travala’s Future Plans

Although the travel booking platform can be viewed as complete, the team behind it still has so much in store.

For example, the platform is looking for ways to increase the number of products that can be purchased using its native token, AVA. Additionally, its co-founder, Mathew Luczynski, hinted at upcoming partnerships that will propel the platform above its competitors.


So, from the onset, Travala is poised to take on other booking sites like Expedia. In the era of cryptocurrency, allowing crypto enthusiasts to travel with Bitcoin among other virtual currencies, will, without doubt, revolutionize the travel booking sector. And if you want to travel with Bictoin – read more.

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