The upcoming Play-To-Earn combat strategy game is called Galaxy Blitz. In this game, we combine the use of lore as well as usable, real-world tokens with high-octane gameplay.

Incredibly important for a few different reasons is the continued push for NFT gaming. The extensive adoption of crypto technology around the world will surely follow with more exciting gameplay. Also, for gamers, they can earn tokens for the time they put into their favorite games; NFT gaming gives the power back to them.

The in-game governance token, MIT, will be used to buy non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and in-game tokens that can be used in the game.

What is Galaxy Blitz?

Galaxy Blitz is an upcoming Play-To-Earn strategy NFT game combining lore, high-octane gameplay, usable tokens, and real-world tokens for a unique player experience.

There are a few different reasons why there is a continued push for NFT gaming, and it is incredibly important. Extensive adoption of crypto technology around the world will surely follow, with more rewarding gameplay. Players can earn tokens from the time spent with their favorite game.

Galaxy Blitz is a combat strategy NFT game set centuries into the future. Here, four highly evolved unique descendants of humanity fight for dominance in battles in both space and land. Earn a variety of tokens via resource farming and battles as you lead your own faction to galactic dominance!

Mobile First

Ultimate flexibility is what Galaxy Blitz gives to players. Why? Because this will be the first of its kind, mobile-first blockchain game, allowing more and more players to play2earn while waiting on a subway to get to work or while they are on the move.

Gameplay Experience

The biggest advantage is likely the diversification of gameplay. Why is that? Among all the current blockchain games, most are relatively simple, such as blind box, farming, tower defense, etc.

In order to defeat their enemies on a galactic scale, Galaxy Blitz will allow gamers to devise epic combat strategies. The unique skills of each of the four races in the game will be the basis of the strategies. Players will be able to choose to play as an elemental lifeform, a mechanical lifeform, a high-energy lifeform, or a silicon-based lifeform. Each of those lifeforms possesses unique characteristics such as different features, skills, weapons, habitats, and resources.

While also engaging in combat on the ground on contested planets, players will fight across space in their own NFT starships. With a variety of weapons and combat options, battling in space takes place between one-of-a-kind starships. Various weapons and special skills, as well as the unique skills of their NFT Heroes, can be used while the players battle on land, overcoming the defenses of their enemies. The strength and strategic placement of a player’s defensive structures will determine the outcome of battles. To gain resources from opposing players, a player must win the game of these epic battles.

How to Create Your Strategic Force

Resources can be purchased, gathered, and farmed within the game using MIT. These resources can be used to build other ground units, a variety of structures, as well as soldiers that will be used to defend and assault opposing players.

MIT tokens can also be utilized for minting rare resources via staking, upgrades for your various structures and units, as well as speeding up the creation process of resources.

Players can also mint NFTs, which will represent large game-changing weapons, spaceships, and characters. NFTs are more resilient than common non-NFT units, being able to sustain significantly more battle damage. While they may not be invincible, they can be healed or repaired using MIT at any time at the discretion of the player.

Project Token

The $MIT token allows players to control the game through the gathering of resources, blitzing of bases, and the creation of armies. The $MIT token is the main token that users can sell and buy on a secondary marketplace.

NFTs are integral to the gameplay experience, with unique superweapons, spaceships, and heroes represented as such. Our NFTs will empower players to truly customize their strategies via curating units that open up new tactical capabilities and cater to their playstyle. These NFTs are available to be bought and sold on secondary markets as well as on our internal marketplace.



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Binance NFT

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Making a game that is completely decentralized is the vision of Galaxy Blitz. Their top priority is the gameplay itself, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in Galaxy Blitz.This was done while in the early stages of the project.

Bringing the ultimate metaverse gaming experience to the player is the ultimate mission of Galaxy Blitz. Together with the Play2Earn function, it combines the use of usable, real-world tokens with high-octane gameplay and lore for a unique player experience. Yes, Galaxy Blitz is a massive multiplayer Play2Earn combat strategy blockchain game that values playing experience.


The team behind Galaxy Blitz is dedicated to providing players with an excellent playing experience. They see great potential in using Augmented Reality (AR) to further improve the overall experience for players as well as immersion. With that in mind, AR has become a key component in our pre-sale NFTs to support AR at launch and in our development plan. This will allow owners of Galaxy Blitz NFTs to bring their favorite superweapons, heroes, and spaceships to life regardless of where they are.