Fusion has announced that it will integrate into the Binance chain. The platform claims that this integration will bring value to Fusion token holders and traders as well.

The platform intends to make the FSN token more versatile for users of the platform. This versatility is certainly great for developers and users to build with and experience DCRM, time-lock, quantum swap, asset creation and enhancements besides all the native features of the Fusion chain.

This association will enable digital assets to freely interact without technical barriers. Fusion and Binance share this vision and the work on the Binance chain is testament to that. As such, it is one of the first platforms to make BNB compatible with Fusion’s interoperable public chain.

What is Fusion?

Fusion is an organization that intends to essentially build the next generation infrastructure for decentralized global finance. As such, Fusion can provide aspiring companies and developers the kind of open-source technology necessary to build decentralized and value-based apps. This certainly has the potential to make financial transactions more accessible and transparent.

Besides, they have an impressive developer class to take the organization forward. This is because the team, led by Founder and CEO DJ Qian, is loaded with industry experts. Notably, Qian is a core part of the other blockchain projects like VeChain and QTUM.

Accordingly, Fusion is looking to work with other financial institutions and cryptocurrency institutions to improve decentralized finance. Fusion is working gradually to improve global access to financial systems and reducing the cost of moving finance.

What is the Binance chain?

The launch of the Binance chain will serve as a direct threat to the Ethereum chain. Some smart contract platforms are now moving to the new chain and this has the potential to make the Binance chain a superpower in this industry.

As such, the Binance Chain is the latest high speed, secure and user-friendly blockchain. This chain seamlessly provides users a solution with users a way to issue and trade crypto while maintaining control over private keys.  Fusion shares the vision for DCRM which enables limitless cross-chain interactions with maximum decentralization and user autonomy.

Notably, The Binance DEX exchange on top on the Binance chain is one of the largest volume traders in crypto.  The giant exchange is in the process of a strategic shift to expand its footprint in cryptosphere.

The Integration

Fusion will henceforth transfer a portion of FSN tokens to the BEP2 standard that is compatible with Binance Chain. DCRM makes is so that Fusion tokens are able to exist in a different state while remaining totally compatible with Fusion public chain.  The Fusion tokens in the new BEP2 format will be compatible with the Fusion Mainnet. A user can effectively control it using their universal wallet. This means that Fusion users essentially benefit from the best of both worlds.

Binance is a significant part of the cryptocurrency community. This latest foray into smart contract hosting is a power move that could certainly transform crypto. Accordingly, this collaboration with Fusion can create an ecosystem of economies for increased adoption. Such a partnership certainly has the capability to take blockchain industry adoption to unprecedented heights.