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Overview on Asian cryptocurrency regulations. Ban on cryptocurrencies, anti money laundering laws, central bank, ICO regulations and STO regulations in Asia
hong kong new sto

Cryptocurrency Regulations in Hong Kong May Allow It to Become a Major Trading Hub...

Hong Kong used to be the financial center of Asia. In the eyes of the public, Hong Kong would make a perfect place for...
Crypto Taiwan Regulations Jason Hsu

Crypto Taiwan As an Example For Other Countries

Taiwan seems like the most promising region to become the new cryptocurrency incubator with a brain heavy weighted people in charge of future regulations....
crypto regulations

Global Cryptocurrency Taxation Regulations Could Come as Early as 2019 according to G20 Report

This past weekend, G20 group leaders gathered in Buenos Aires to discuss global issues. One of the topics covered was cryptocurrency and how to...
japan crypto self regulations

Japan Financial Services Agency: Crypto Self-Regulation is Important

Japan’s top financial regulator, Financial Services Agency (FSA), revealed its expectations on self-regulation of Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges. All 16 regulated crypto exchanges...
india national cryptocurrency

India Is Not Yet Ready for its Own Cryptocurrency

Indian media reported, that the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) suspended its plan to issue the own national digital currency.
thailand approves  new exchanges

Thailand’s SEC opens the Door to Cryptocurrency – Four New Crypto Exchanges Approved

In many parts of Asia, disagreements and divisions on cryptocurrency are large. In some countries, such as China, cryptocurrencies have been seriously...
wechat alipay otc crypto

Wechat and Alipay Pay Reiterate Hard Stance on Bitcoin OTCs

Asia Crypto Today reported today that UnionPay had issued stern warnings about cryptocurrency over the counter transactions (OTC). Now Wechat Pay and...
unionpay bitcoin prohibition

Chinese UnionPay Issues Warning to Bitcoin OTC Traders

UnionPay, the industry leader for payments within China have issued a "letter on the prohibition of providing payment services for illegal transactions,"...
thailand stock echange apply cryptocurrency

Thai Stock Exchange (SET) Plans to Apply Cryptocurrencies

Thailand, the home of beautiful beaches, nature and now potentially, the new hub for cryptocurrency in Southeast Asia, after the Thai stock...
iran targets bitcoin regulations

Iran Targeting Bitcoin (BTC) in New Regulations

Iran it seems has been making headlines across the crypto space in recent weeks. Now, the country has made another splash, although...