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Cryptocurrency mining in China and its Bitcoin transactions. Where to buy bitcoin miners and what is proof of work? Asia is the biggest mining region
bitmain layoff

The Reason Why Bitmain Lays Off 80% of Its Staff

Recently, the news of layoffs in Bitmain has been screened, and many media have reported on this incident from different angles. In...
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Bitcoin Mining in Crisis? Exclusive visit to ASIC retailers in China

It’s no longer news that Bitcoin mining has been banned in China by the Chinese government. However, interested mining equipment buyers can visit physical...
jihan wu bitcoin anarchist

Jihan Wu’s new Project Matrix rumored to be in talks with the Chinese Government

Jihan Wu is set to open his own crypto trading platform next month called, Matrix and rumors are swirling that this could allow a Chinese monopoly of crypto, potentially leading to adoption in the nation.
Bitcoin Mining: Current Situations of the Industry and the Miners

Bitcoin Mining: Current Situations of the Industry and the Miners

Looking at the present stage of Bitcoin Mining the chip giant's inventory liquidation in bitcoin mining, computing power will remain stable in the second half...
ethereum fork progpow asic

Ethereum Constantinople Fork May Leave Chinese ASIC Producer Out of Business

Ethereum, one of the largest blockchains and base for most alternative coins with its ERC20 standard have sent the crypto world into...
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China Bans Bitcoin and Crypto Mining?

The Chinese government planning agency, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), published on April 7 a new version of the report that...
Mining companies

Mining companies and their Machines have no future

For cryptocurrency mining companies, the future is either not guaranteed or completely non-existent. Large chip manufacturers primarily control the business of crypto...
Iran mining china

Iran Minister says Chinese Miners are coming to Iran as Central Bank says Trading...

Chinese miners are going to Iran to mine Bitcoin, says Iran’s Minister for Communications and Information Technology. Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, made...
Grin Mining NVIDIA

Grin – The Rising Star of Mining in 2019?

Grin has been doing things differently. From its privacy basis to its community driven approach to the running of the business, the...