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Cryptocurrency mining in China and its Bitcoin transactions. Where to buy bitcoin miners and what is proof of work? Asia is the biggest mining region
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Bitcoin Mining in Crisis? Exclusive visit to ASIC retailers in China

It’s no longer news that Bitcoin mining has been banned in China by the Chinese government. However, interested mining equipment buyers can visit physical...
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Tencent has Invested in Bitmain and Jihan Wu Becomes the Clear Winner

Jihan Wu, CEO of Bitmain, has become one of the top people on the Blockchain elite list published by Fortune magazine. Just a few...
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The Reason Why Bitmain Lays Off 80% of Its Staff

Recently, the news of layoffs in Bitmain has been screened, and many media have reported on this incident from different angles. In...
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Bitmain Fires / Vechain Hires. Bear Market Brings Clarity to crypto companies

In the wake of a new week, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry was hit with discouraging news of Bitmain downsizing with 23...
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Bitcoin Mining in China: Only Big Guns Will Survive

Chinese reports suggest that small and medium-sized miners may cease operation and leave the field for large organizations. Soon, the Bitcoin mining industry will...
Why Bitcoin Mining is UNPROFITABLE

Why Bitcoin Mining is UNPROFITABLE

The Bitcoin mining market began with high expectations that attracted many investors and other interested parties. This article will cover the cost of mining...
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Chinese Mining Industry Now: Low Profits, High Risks

In September this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology website's analysis pointed out that illegal crypto mining seriously threatens Internet network security. Wang...
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Cheap Electricity From Iran is a Solution Chinese Bitcoin Mining Investors

Crypto winter is painful for cryptocurrency mining investors. With the rapid downfall of Bitcoin and increasing electricity bills, Chinese mining investors are looking for...
Bitcoin Mining: Current Situations of the Industry and the Miners

Bitcoin Mining: Current Situations of the Industry and the Miners

Looking at the present stage of Bitcoin Mining the chip giant's inventory liquidation in bitcoin mining, computing power will remain stable in the second half...