Cryptocurrency mining in China and its Bitcoin transactions. Where to buy bitcoin miners and what is proof of work? Asia is the biggest mining region
bitmain  million losses

Bitmain Reveals Losses of $500 Million Amid Layoff Reports

It has been a tough time for Bitmain recently, with no positive news coming from the company as rumours of huge layoffs...
altcoin mining cannot save nvidia

Altcoin Mining Can Not Save Nvidia

Internationally renowned graphics chip and artificial intelligence company Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) released the Q18 financial report for 2018 and it has not...
grin mining raising china

Grin Mining Raising Popularity in China

Grin seems to be on everyone’s mind at the moment. With its sudden rise in the market, partnered with its magical name...
bitmain bitdeer cloud mining survive

Bitmain Still Has Issues But Shift to BitDeer Cloud Mining Could Help

These are troubling times for Bitmain. Their value has shrunk by almost 40% and the currency market has experienced a dip, which...
iran chinese miners move

Chinese Miners Relocate to Iran for Cheap Electricity

Miners are increasingly searching for new ways to survive amidst the cold crypto winter. Some have given up and thrown down tools,...
bitmain hurun rating

Bitmain Ranked the 11th Biggest Unicorn within China

It hasn’t been all doom and gloom for Bitmain this year as the Hurun Research Institute ranked them the 11th biggest company...
bitmain troubles tsmc downturn

Another Trouble Call for Bitmain: the Main Chip Supplier Experiences a Downturn

It is not just the miners and exchanges that are feeling the pinch this crypto winter, Bitmain’s Taiwanese based chip supplier, TSMC,...
flood mining elecricity china

How the Coming Flood Season Helps Cryptocurrency Mining in China

The mining process. A complexed yet vital part of the cryptocurrency process and one that has been a very profitable venture for...
ethereum fork progpow asic

Ethereum Constantinople Fork May Leave Chinese ASIC Producer Out of Business

Ethereum, one of the largest blockchains and base for most alternative coins with its ERC20 standard have sent the crypto world into...
bitmain close amsterdam office

Bitmain Scales Down Operations in Netherlands

The struggles and changes continue for Bitmain, the cryptocurrency mining powerhouse, following their decision to scale down operations in the Netherlands.