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Bitmain and its Antminer S9. What is Bitmain power consumption and what is the profit? Bitmain news, insights and analysis of community feedbacks
Bitmain lawsuit

Bitmain Potentially Facing Lawsuit for Failed IPO on Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Bitmain made headlines recently after their planned initial public offering (IPO) on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange failed and now it seems...
tencent feature

Tencent has Invested in Bitmain and Jihan Wu Becomes the Clear Winner

Jihan Wu, CEO of Bitmain, has become one of the top people on the Blockchain elite list published by Fortune magazine. Just a few...
bitmain denies rumours about hkex

Bitmain Denies Rumors Surrounding HKEx Issue

Bitmain hit headlines this week as news reports surrounded their apparent financial losses of their final quarter of $500 million dollars. There...
bitmain hkex listing

Hong Kong Exchange ‘Hesitant’ to Approve Bitmain IPO

The major Bitcoin investors applied for initial public offering (IPO) at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX). However, their requests are yet...
Jihan Wu BCB

Bitmain in Turmoil over Bitcoin Cash ABC, Claims Twitter user

Bitmain is in turmoil over their partnership with Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHABC), with Micree Zhan one-half of the two founders, reportedly finished...
jihan wu bitcoin anarchist

Jihan Wu’s new Project Matrix rumored to be in talks with the Chinese Government

Jihan Wu is set to open his own crypto trading platform next month called, Matrix and rumors are swirling that this could allow a Chinese monopoly of crypto, potentially leading to adoption in the nation.
Bitmain China mobile partnership

Bitmain to Focus on AI Development Partners with China Mobile Giant

Bitmain is well known for its mining rigs and ASICs. But even they are feeling the crunch in this bear market. At the recent China...

Bitmain Sets up 200,000 New Miners- Bull Run Coming?

Bitmain is set to make a big splash in the mining market as the company plans to set up 200,000 cryptocurrency miners...
bitmain bitdeer cloud mining survive

Bitmain Still Has Issues But Shift to BitDeer Cloud Mining Could Help

These are troubling times for Bitmain. Their value has shrunk by almost 40% and the currency market has experienced a dip, which...
bitmain IPO

Bitmain IPO planned for Hong Kong stock exchange. Is Bitmain really worth 35 billion...

The Bitmain IPO application is planned to be launched on the Hong Kong stock exchange this August and complete the listing by the end of...