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Bitmain and its Antminer S9. What is Bitmain power consumption and what is the profit? Bitmain news, insights and analysis of community feedbacks
bear market vechain bitmain

Bitmain Fires / Vechain Hires. Bear Market Brings Clarity to crypto companies

In the wake of a new week, the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry was hit with discouraging news of Bitmain downsizing with 23...
JIhan Wu Bitmain dictator

Jihan Wu’s Double Game. From Bitcoin Evangelist to Dictator

Jihan Wu, the co-founder of the world's largest mining machine company, Bitmain, has seen great success mixed with fierce criticism throughout his...
bitmain hkex listing

Hong Kong Exchange ‘Hesitant’ to Approve Bitmain IPO

The major Bitcoin investors applied for initial public offering (IPO) at the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX). However, their requests are yet...
Will china ban bitcoin?

Bitmain Raises 400 Million in Pre-IPO

According to Chinese media outlets, ‘Bitmain’, a Chinese bitcoin mining company, has currently raised $400 million in their pre-IPO. The reported figures would place the company’s...

Bitmain Faces New 27.6% Tax on the US Export. Will Mining Become More Expensive?

In June The U.S. trade representative's office classified Bitmain's mining hardware Antminer S9 as "electrical equipment" raising its tax rate to 2.6%, but not...
Why Bitmain Struggles to get Listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Why Bitmain Struggles to get Listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange

At the end of last month, China’s ASIC producer, Bitmain, applied to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange using a weighted voting...

Bitmain Sets up 200,000 New Miners- Bull Run Coming?

Bitmain is set to make a big splash in the mining market as the company plans to set up 200,000 cryptocurrency miners...
bitmain  million losses

Bitmain Reveals Losses of $500 Million Amid Layoff Reports

It has been a tough time for Bitmain recently, with no positive news coming from the company as rumours of huge layoffs...
bitmain bitdeer cloud mining survive

Bitmain Still Has Issues But Shift to BitDeer Cloud Mining Could Help

These are troubling times for Bitmain. Their value has shrunk by almost 40% and the currency market has experienced a dip, which...
bitmain hurun rating

Bitmain Ranked the 11th Biggest Unicorn within China

It hasn’t been all doom and gloom for Bitmain this year as the Hurun Research Institute ranked them the 11th biggest company...