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Cryptocurrency mining in China and its Bitcoin transactions. Where to buy bitcoin miners and what is proof of work? Asia is the biggest mining region
mining report

Cryptocurrency Mining Report for June Released

In June, compared to the previous month, the cryptocurrency market value recorded notable gains, prompting a similar trend in the mining community....
Iran mining china

Iran Minister says Chinese Miners are coming to Iran as Central Bank says Trading...

Chinese miners are going to Iran to mine Bitcoin, says Iran’s Minister for Communications and Information Technology. Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi, made...
Bitcoin mining China

Bitcoin Mining China: It’s not easy and Thieves have made it Harder

Mining. An extremely popular business in China. With around 70% of the mining population from the People’s Republic, it certainly appears to...
jihan wu bitcoin anarchist

Jihan Wu’s new Project Matrix rumored to be in talks with the Chinese Government

Jihan Wu is set to open his own crypto trading platform next month called, Matrix and rumors are swirling that this could allow a Chinese monopoly of crypto, potentially leading to adoption in the nation.
Jihan Wu BCB

Bitmain in Turmoil over Bitcoin Cash ABC, Claims Twitter user

Bitmain is in turmoil over their partnership with Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHABC), with Micree Zhan one-half of the two founders, reportedly finished...
WeChat Image

China Bans Bitcoin and Crypto Mining?

The Chinese government planning agency, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), published on April 7 a new version of the report that...
China Mining Ban

Reaction to China’s Bitcoin Mining Ban

This week, huge news broke surrounding the potential banning of crypto currency mining in China, after the National Development and Reform Commission...
Bitmain lawsuit

Bitmain Potentially Facing Lawsuit for Failed IPO on Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Bitmain made headlines recently after their planned initial public offering (IPO) on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange failed and now it seems...
Canaan Mining Machine

Canaan Unveils new Mining Machine to Rival Bitmain

Canaan has released its new Bitcoin miner called the Avalonminer A10. The new miner is available for purchase in the next season....
Bitmain New CEO Wang Haichoa

Revealed: Bitmain’s new CEO, Wang Haichao

Wang Haichao is set to assume the head office of one of the biggest blockchain companies and the most influential mining brands...