Iran tax bitcoin mining

Iran will tax Bitcoin Mining

Reports from local news agencies in Iran have suggested that there will be a tax on Bitcoin mining through electricity tariffs.
iran cryptocurrency snactions

Will Iran’s Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency allow them to avoid Sanctions?

The fight to break away from using the United States dollar has intensified in the recent past. Interestingly, more Asian countries have...
iran mining

Iran Cryptocurrency Mining: Iran Agrees on Electricity Price

The Iranian cryptocurrency mining community has a reason to celebrate after the country’s Economic Commission finalized a report on electricity tariffs. The...
Iran gold backed national crptocurrency

Iran Announces Gold Backed National Cryptocurrency

The Tehran News agency has reported that Iran intends to launch a gold-backed cryptocurrency. This comes less than a week after President...
SilkChain E-Dragon Middle East

SilkChain: E-Dragon to Give Blockchain to the Middle East

SilkChain proudly refers to itself as the "first project in the world that dedicates blockchain technology to improving international trade and consumer...