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Asia blockchain development is huge. Despite banning the ICO, cryptocurrency and blockchain in China are getting more and more attenttion
Find Satoshi

Should The Identity Of Satoshi Nakamoto Remain Hidden?

There is no Bitcoin without Satoshi Nakamoto. However, the person or entity making one of the most revolutionary technological breakthroughs has remained...
China provinces blockchain

China’s Provinces Increase Blockchain Usage and Partnerships

Chinese provinces are increasing blockchain partnerships and usage development co-operations. This is because provincial administrative regions issued a remarkable 106 pieces of...
eos laomao story

Who is LaoMao: the Chinese Top EOS Influencer

LaoMao (老貓), translated from Chinese to "Old Cat“, is a co-founder of INBlockchain, partner of Grandshore Capital, sponsor of EOSlaomao (the EOS’s...
Libra Facebook takeover Wechat Alipay

Could Facebook’s Libra take over Chinese mobile payment giants Wechat and Alipay?

The world went Facebook mad this week as the company released a white paper for their highly anticipated ‘Libra’ token. The news...
china cryptocurrency withdraw money

Cryptocurrency: A New Way to Withdraw Big Money From China?

China could hold the key to a bull run in the crypto market, as their capital outflows increase in the previous months...
J COIN japanese bank digital currency

J-Coin Won’t be a Crypto Currency or use Blockchain

The J Coin, the supposed digital currency of Mizuho Bank of Japan created some talk in the crypto community when it was...
TRX Binance US Coinbase

Sun Announces TRX Plans to be listed on Binance US and Coinbase

Justin Sun has said that getting his brainchild Tron (TRX) accessible to US investors is his priority. The two major crypto exchanges...
ICO regulations in Taiwan

ICO Regulations: Taiwan Offers a New Legitimate Face for Crypto

After years of being dogged by allegations of fakery, fraud and fright, the cryptocurrency sector may have been thrown a lifeline by the head...

Social Media Tipping Platform Reddcoin Joins BXB Exchange

Retail-focused crypto exchange BXB will list tipping and microtransaction cryptocurrency Reddcoin on its platform on August 10, a coin that allows a...
China Mining Ban

Reaction to China’s Bitcoin Mining Ban

This week, huge news broke surrounding the potential banning of crypto currency mining in China, after the National Development and Reform Commission...