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Asia blockchain development is huge. Despite banning the ICO, cryptocurrency and blockchain in China are getting more and more attenttion
Shenzhen Financial

The Shenzhen Financial Technology Company is bringing Blockchain to China and the PBoC

Chinese Fintech hub, the Shenzhen Financial Company, is on the verge of finding a breakthrough for blockchain application in China’s financial system....
UN North Korea

The UN: North Korea continuing Cryptocurrency attacks worth $2 Billion

A UN report obtained by Reuters says that North Korea has made $2 billion from cyberattacks on Banks and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Social Media Tipping Platform Reddcoin Joins BXB Exchange

Retail-focused crypto exchange BXB will list tipping and microtransaction cryptocurrency Reddcoin on its platform on August 10, a coin that allows a...
binance hacked

Has Binance KYC been hacked?

Binance users' accounts have been reportedly hacked and their Know Your Customer (KYC) data stole. As per images of IDs posted in...
Thailand cryptocurrency

Thailand puts crypto under AML laws to help authorities arrest criminals

In a bid to prevent the usage of cryptocurrencies in criminal activities, Thailand is taking another route; covering cryptocurrencies under its anti-money...
Huawei Bitcoin

Huawei is Exactly Why Bitcoin Will Scale On-Chain

The US ban on Huawei and its 5G technology implementation is a reason why Bitcoin will scale on-chain. Bitcoin obviously faces the...
China cryptocurrency

China’s PBoC Accelerates National Cryptocurrency Plans

China is reportedly planning to hasten its plans to issue a national cryptocurrency. China's central bank, the Peoples' Bank of China (PBoC),...
Justin Sun

Justin Sun: Villain or Hero?

Tron founder Justin Sun is a divisive figure, to say the least. Loved by many as illustrated by his over one million...
Alipay HK Libra

Will AlipayHK be the answer to Facebook’s Libra?

A few days after Huawei's CEO, Ren Zhengfei, called on the creation of a Chinese version to rival Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency, Alipay...
UnionBank Cryptocurrency

UnionBank of the Philippines Plans to make Cryptocurrency

UnionBank of the Philippines has continued its crypto exploration and is planning a peso backed cryptocurrency, hoping to become yet another stablecoin...