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Asia blockchain development is huge. Despite banning the ICO, cryptocurrency and blockchain in China are getting more and more attenttion

Binance and BitMEX’s Compliance Issues Alarm the Entire Crypto Market

Since July 19, mainstream media including Bloomberg have reported extensively on BitMEX being investigated by U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The...
Bitmain NASDAQ

IPO News: Bitmain Wants NASDAQ Listing; Canaan Engages SEC

After numerous failures in getting listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, Chinese mining companies, Bitmain and Canaan are heading to the...
tether chinese russia

Chinese Investors Buying Up-to $30 Million of Tether (USDT) in Russia

Importers from China are purchasing up to $30 million a day of tether (USDT) from OTC trading desks in Moscow. According to...
sun solvency broke

Is Justin Sun the Tron Co-founder Broke? Bram Cohen thinks so

Bram Cohen has accused Justin Sun of skipping a scheduled BitTorrent acquisition payment. Cohen, the CEO of crypto startup Chia, took to...
tether chinese market

The Chinese market is the most important for Tether (USDT) and a Bullish future

With a market capitalization of over 4 billion US dollars and a 24-hour volume of slightly above 15 billion US dollars, Tether...
China Ledger Director Libra

ChinaLedger Director says China Needs Answer to Facebook’s Libra

The ChinaLedger director and former chief engineer of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Bai Shou, has called for China to create an independent...
Scam prison Ningbo

Three men Sentenced to Prison in Ningbo, China for Bitcoin Scam

A court in Ningbo, China has sentenced three men to prison for a Bitcoin scam which made profits of 150,000 Yuan (21,786...
Bank of China Bitcoin

Bank of China Talks about Bitcoin- Will we see National Cryptocurrency?

China's estranged relationship with Bitcoin is being revived, although cautiously. One of the country's leading financial institutions, the Bank of China (BoC),...
ChainUP Hicoin

Chain UP’s HiCoin- The new Generation of Integrated Wallet Services

HiCoin, the recent addition of ChainUP, is focusing on elite crypto wallet solutions. These solutions will contribute to an integrated blockchain ecosystem...

OKEx Head of Strategy: “Investors Seeing Strong Returns on OKEx Arbitrage”

Customers of global cryptocurrency exchange OKEx are seeing steady returns on their investments using an arbitrage strategy. The strategy,...