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bank of china libra

Former Bank of China’s Vice President on Facebook’s Libra project: “there’s no interest in...

After a long period of speculation that Facebook, a social media giant, was developing their own crypto coin, the firm recently made...
VeChain Walmart

VeChain Records Significant gains after Walmart China Partnership

In the recent past, the prices of virtual currencies have not been significantly responding to news centered around them. Fortunately, VeChain (VET)...
libra trump china

Do Trump and Facebook’s Libra Have Anything Linking Them?

The announcement of the planned launch of Facebook’s Libra is certainly a defining moment for crypto. This development represents unprecedented blockchain adoption...
bitcoin rally

Bitcoin Rally Above $10,000 As $64.38 Million Worth Of BTC Shorts Ruined

Trading at over $10,000 and printing new 2019 highs, Bitcoin (BTC) bulls are in control, and not relenting. Because of this sharp...
VeChain price analysis

VeChain (VET) Down 7.7% but set for a rally

Blockchains are revolutionary and following the overwhelming success of the pioneering platform in Bitcoin, enterprises are interested. With prospects of transparency, efficacy,...
Libra Facebook takeover Wechat Alipay

Could Facebook’s Libra take over Chinese mobile payment giants Wechat and Alipay?

The world went Facebook mad this week as the company released a white paper for their highly anticipated ‘Libra’ token. The news...
WaykiChain VS IOST

WaykiChain VS IOST: Which is better and why

Since the birth of Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency projects have been on the rise. Unfortunately, not all projects have the best interests of the users at heart; some seek to accumulate users’ funds and pull an exit scam.
india crypto end

Suicide and Scams: Why India may have moved to ban the Bitcoin industry

The crypto world was left reeling following the proposed bill in India, which would ban the industry altogether in the nation, with...
India’s crypto ban could be fake news

India’s crypto ban could be fake news

India’s crypto ban could be fake news
BTI Report is biased

Why BTI’s ‘Market Surveillance Report’ is biased

In its latest report, BTI found that exchanges have been reporting fake trading volumes. As per the report, most of the phony volume originates from wash...